Yeh jadu hai jin ka 12th August : Shayari misunderstand Rehan

The episode starts with Roshni is sitting in the hospital for her checkup and is fascinated by seeing other parents with their children.  And also sad.  Roshni imagines herself,  Aman, and a child with them.

On the other hand, Shayari only gets a 1-week salary because she has left her job.  She gets upset because the salary is low.  At the same time, Aman is about to awaken Roshni but Rubina stops him.  But Aman says Roshni has slept pretty well now she should eat something.  But to stop Aman, Rubina pretends to be unconscious and Aman goes to her.

Rehan thinks about Shayari and orders someone to call her.  Aman takes care of Rubina while Ammi and others come, they ask what happened to Rubina?   At the same time, a doctor calls and they think that Rubina is pregnant, that’s why Rubina gets a call from Dr.  Everyone becomes happy and Rubina is shocked.  Aman asks her to take her to the doctor.

Shayari goes to Rehan’s cabin and sees that Rehan is with Natasha.  Shayari comes out of the room and gets angry.  Natasha has hypnotized Rehan due to which Rehan is not in his senses and Natasha deliberately sits on his lap.  Due to which Shayari misunderstands Rehan.

Aman takes Rubina to Dr.  Rubina calls Roshni to inform her but Roshni does not pick up the phone.  And Aman and Rubina reach the hospital.  Roshni sees them and hides from them.  Roshni thinks why they are here.  Shayari is sad and eats chaat so that she can calm down her frustration and she complains about Rehan.  The boy with the stall says that she should not quit his job, but should bother Rehan so that he expels her.  Shayari likes this idea very much.

Rehan’s assistant comes and gives Rehan a file that is sent by Aman and there is information about Farhan.  Rehaan calls Aman and Aman goes out.  Rubina takes advantage of this opportunity and replaces her with Roshni.  There Aman and Rehan talk about the file. Rehan tells that there is a picture in the file.  In which a girl is standing with a strange umbrella and they should seek information about her.  Aman agrees and ends the call and goes to Rubina.  There Dr. informs him about the conception of Roshni instead of Rubina. (Episode end)

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