Barrister babu 12th August : Bondita discovers the truth

The episode starts with Anirudh says that there is nothing to afraid of.  If the problem is overcome, knock the door twice and once if not.  Bondita knocks once.  Binoy says this means the problem is not resolved.  Anirudh says he will leave Bondita himself to her mother’s house.  Minnie and Binoy are happy.  Anirudh is unhappy but Bondita knocks again and this time she knocks twice.  Everyone gets shocked.

Anirudh asks, “Did you knock the door twice ?” Bondita answers yes and says that she has not wet the bed last night. Anirudh is happy while Binoy and Mini are sad to hear this. Bondita opens the door and asks Anirudh to check her bed. Anirudh checks and becomes happy as well as crying due to happiness. Both start dancing in joy and laugh happily. Bondita says they win and the magic of the magician works. Bondita asks Trilochan, now he is not angry with her, is he? Bondita says she is very happy. Anirudh says that he is also happy and now she will not have to leave the house anymore. Bondita says can she tear the paper with the rules. Anirudh nods in yes. Both of them start dancing.

Trilochan asks Bondita to dress up so that she can worship Durga Devi. Trilochan is also happy as the problem is solved. Next Trilochan asks Panditji, is everything okay? Panditji asks about Kalash and Bondita brings it. Panditji then blesses Bondita. And tell the story to Bondita and this story is similar to the situation of Bondita. Bondita says that the same thing happened to her as but Trilochan stops her before she completes her words. And asks her to go to Anirudh.

There Anirudh and Mini are talking. Mini asks how did he solve Bondita’s problem. Anirudh says all this happened due to Mini. Mini asks how? Anirudh says because she helped him. Mini says she wants to know the whole thing how did Bondita recover. Anirudh then tells her the whole story of how the magician solved Bondita’s problem. Mini does not believe this. That’s when a person calls Anirudh and says that Trilochan is asking for him. Anirudh then goes from there.

Bondita takes Anirudh’s clothes from the wardrobe and asks why the husband does not do this work for his wife. Bondita next sees the magician’s clothes and mustache. Bondita thinks what are they doing here? Then she realizes that Anirudh has solved her problem by becoming a magician. Bondita thinks of thanking him and asks Bihari about Anirudh. At the same time, Anirudh and Trilochan are talking with each other.

Bondita comes to Anirudh. But Anirudh leaves from there. Then she goes to his study room to find Anirudh and there she finds Mini and Mini asks her the reason for her arrival. Bondita tells her all the truth and Mini is shocked to know that Anirudh was a magician. Then Trilochan calls Bondita and Bondita leaves from there. Then Bondita worships Durga Devi and thanks to her for giving her a husband like Anirudh. Episode ended.

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