Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th Aug : Teej Celebration in full form

Star Plus’s most popular and long-running show Yeh Rishta is ruling trp charts and has maintained a good position in audiences’ hearts. The show is always in a positive mode.
Now in the previous episode, we saw Kartik say sorry and apologize. Everybody is at dining table eating falhar prepared by Daadi. All are excited about Manish and Swarna 25th Teej celebrations.

In today’s episode, Naira is looking beautiful and Kartik is awestruck seeing her. He praises and compliments a lot. Naira says he’s using weird words then Kartik says you can look killer but he can’t even say. Naira is teasing her. Kartik watches dream of dancing on tu cheez badi hai mast2 , Naira punctures the bubble and says come out of it. Kartik says why she’s sitting like this to which Naira says that gota is slipped unstitched from her lehnga so she is stitching it. Kartik and Naira share a romantic moment, Kartik sits on Naira’s lap and BG plays. Svarna says she will put Manish’s and her photo together on their 25th Anniversary of teej occasion. Swarna says to Manish to come asap downstairs. They all have noj jhonk about Manish habits then all proceed for Katha. Naira reads the Katha. Everybody dances on Tujhme ji jeena chahun ye lagi dhun. Naira takes Kartik for a surprise. Then the BG starts. Kartik kisses Naira. Car roofs open.

Kartik says that Moon is now visible so they go up and celebrate. Manish is lost. Then rasam starts about water drinking from the hubbies. Manish is still in different zones. Swarna waits for Manish to feed her. But Manish didn’t. He spills Swarna plate she shouts and Manish is all afraid of everything. He falls and is about to get hurt but is rescued by Kartik. Kartik tries to console him. Everybody is damn shocked as to what is happening. Swarna cries. Kartik takes Manish downstairs. The doctor says so this is the real thing in Manish reports. Manish sends Swarna far from him. Swarna is all broken. Kartik calls Doctor and asks for reports to which Doctor says something. Naira asks what is in there in the reports. Kartik leaves without saying anything. Episode ends.

In upcoming episodes, we shall see Manish sleeps downstairs and Kartik carries him. Everybody is worried. What happens to Manish?? What Kartik is hiding?? To know the answers keep reading our space and keep watching your favorite show only on Star Plus.

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