Anupamaa 12th Aug : Devika tries to put some brains to Anu

Star Plus new show is rocking at trp chart. Anupamaa brings something new but some remain the same. In the previous episode, we saw Devika comes and bring a much-deserved change in Anu’s life. She tells about Anu’s school life to everybody. They dance and spend quality time. Ani and Kavya are together which is why Van is upset. Van comes to know about Anuj. Devika tries to warn Anu about Van and Kavya.

Now in today’s episode, we see Van asks Anu to sleep with Devika and she can spend time with her. Anu is very happy and thanks to him. She then goes to Devika with coffee. They both sit and chit chat. Anu asks her about divorce and reveals the reason. Devika then says to Anu that she has forgotten herself and puts down. Anu is so involved with the family she doesn’t know to keep herself satisfied. Then Anu’s job topic is bothered. Devika says she didn’t lose her job because of her. All she knows this. She explains to live for yourself also. She tries to Put Anu first in her life. Anu has FBs during the talk.

Anu says she’s very happy about her family. Devika its good but a person has her own individuality, that shouldn’t be ruptured. Anu says yes. Samar peeks and is super happy to hear Devika and says thank you to her, far away. Devika says if Anu has any issues then she is just a phone call away. They have fun. Varun shares Nandani video to Samar, Samar is very happy to see this. Nandani is shown with all tashan. In Samar dreams and they have a dance on sheher ki ladki. Samar comes out of the dream and says something is there in the girl.

The next day Devika says Good morning, Baa says she should say goodbye and not Good Morning. Mamaji is laughing. Anu is doing pooja of gas stove. Devika and Van talks, Van asks whether she was comfortable and she says yes. Devika says to take care of Anu. Then Kavya enters and says Hi, Van is happy to see her. Devika meets Kavya and they both say hi to each other. Mamaji says he wants to watch a film. Kavya says they can watch Deadpool it’s good, last week only she and Van watched. Van is shocked to hear this. Anu remembers about the ticket. Devika is suspicious watching all this.

Devika while leaving tells Anu about the relationship between Van and Kavya and tries to explain her. She says everybody else notices the fire barring the housewife but Anu is too adamant to hear anything about her hubby and shouts at Devika, followed by a very heated argument. Anu almost in a process of slapping Devika. But stops. Episode ends.

In the next episode, we shall see the argument continues and Anu says he trust Van more then Kanha Ji. Van and Kavya are in the office try to be close. Devika says she prays her trust remains contact. Will Anu be able to know about Kavya and Van?? Is the biggest question. Well, you will know the answer in our updates so keep reading and keep watching Anupamaa.

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