Yeh Hain Chahtein 12th Aug : Amma and Appa gives Preesha a suprise visit.

Star Plus show Yeh Hain Chatein is gluing everybody well on screen. In the previous episode, we saw Preesha is in quarantine and is separated. Society members come and check and allow Preesha in the house. The skit was there to remove Saransh’s fear. The scene was recreated.

Now in today’s episode, we see Rudra explains to Saransh everything due to which Saransh is little contempt. Saransh and Rudra have time. All are asleep. Now next day, Rudra checks about Saransh’s bed wet habit. Rudra checks the bed. Everybody surprised, Saransh didn’t wet the bed, and Rudra and Preesha are so happy. He and Preesha are talking nicely with each other. Then BG plays as usual.

Preesha COVID-19 test results came and good news, she is tested negative for that. She is damn happy and after getting ready she says to herself she will first meet Saransh and hug him. Srinivasans gave her a surprise visit. Preesha is in 7th heaven to see all this. Saransh called them for the surprise. Preesha hugs Amma. Sharda was also there. Ahana and Mish are at the breakfast table and sees all South Indian dishes. Both are confused. All members are in Rudra’s room, where Saransh explains Amma and Appa all the things present there. All are at the dining table. Ahana says she didn’t know they were coming, Sharda says she told them. Ahana says she forgot completely and she is sorry(but she isn’t). Amma asks for restroom and Ahana takes her. Amma asks Ahana about the necklace, Ahana says she is interrogating like the police. Amma says she knows everything. Amma puts the blame of stealing on Ahana to which Preesha says, will talk later. Amma is very angry. Ahana leaves in anger. Rudra comes to take them.

Preesha is in hospital and a girl name Neerja comes for a check-up. Preesha asks about her hubby, she says he is busy. Preesha tells her everything is good and she leaves. Principal calls Ahana to give her updates about school and ask what to do of Saransh admissions. Ahana says keep on hold. Ahana hatches a new plan to torture Preesha and Rudra. Preesha talks about the necklace to Amma on call. Preesha then switches of game, Rudra and Saransh were playing. They talk about Saransh admission. The precap scenes repeat. Ahana tells that Saransh has to give a test for admission. Preesha says yes. Ahana leaves saying finger crossed. Episode ends.

In the next episode, we shall see Ahana tells Preesha and Rudra about Saransh tests. Saransh says he will do well and will Pass. Saransh sees the test and says it’s very hard. Rudra says he won’t give exams to which Preesha says he will for the sake of trying. Ahana talks on call and says that Saransh should fail. Will Saransh fail??

To know the answer keep reading our updates and keep watching Yeh Hain Chahtein on Star Plus.

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