Yeh jadu hai jin ka 11th aug : Rehan’s act make Shayari nervous

The episode starts with Rubina and Roshni are walking in the garden.  Rubina asks Roshni why she did not inform Aman about her pregnancy.  Roshni is shocked to hear this.  Rubina tells her that she knows all about the deal between her and Jin and soon Aman will also know.  Roshni says she cannot tell this thing to Aman because this can make him very sad.  Roshni says she fulfills the duty of being Ayana but could not fulfill the duty of being a mother.  Rubina says if she breaks the promise then Kala Jin will take Aman’s life again.  Roshni says she wants to tell the truth to Aman but is afraid to tell.  Roshni says that she needs Rubina’s guidance.  Rubina says she will help her.  While Natasha is eyeing Rehan.  Natasha says Rehan always escapes her and he is very clever.  Rubina sees an egg and asks where did this egg come from.  Rubina thinks of discussing this thing with Roshni.

On the other hand, Shayari gets a call from the principal and he tells her that he cannot enroll her child due to the fee issues. Shayari ask him to give her a little more time and she will pay the fees as soon as her salary comes. The principal gives her a week’s time. Rehan thinks whom is Shayari talking with? And he thinks that he will expose her.

While Rubina and Roshni are sitting together. Rubina asks Roshni to pick up the egg and place it on the table. Roshni does what she says. She picks up the egg and sees that 2 flowers placed on the table have blossomed. Roshni is happy but one of them destroyed. Roshni asks what happened. Rubina says that only one of her children can survive. Roshni gets shocked. Rehan calls Shayari into his cabin. Shayari goes and is surprised to see lots of candles and asks what is this? This is Rehan’s plan so that he can catch the hunters.

Roshni sits near Rubina and cries. Roshni says she doesn’t understand what to do. Rubina consoles her and tells her not to give up. Rubina then tells her to meet Dr as her life is also in danger after the miscarriage. Rehan asks Shayari not to pretend to be naive. Shayari says she does not understand anything. Rehan says don’t hide the truth now because there is no one here except him. He goes to Shayari, which makes Shayari nervous and she remembers some bad moments. She runs away due to fear. Rehan gets shocked.

Roshni informs Rubina that she has contacted the doctor. She tells him to take care of Aman. Rubina says yes. Rehan thinks what he did that Shayari behaved like this. Natasha goes to the candlelit room and her amulets light up. Rehan does not see her and goes to Shayari. Rehan says that he only wanted to see her necklace and leaves. Aman takes food for Roshni. Rubina stops him and says she wants to eat ice cream and she asks Aman to bring ice cream. Aman says ice cream is in the fridge. Rubina says but she wants to eat ice cream with berries. She tells Aman to go to the market and tells him to come slowly.

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