Barrister babu 11th aug : Bondita overcome her fear

The episode starts with Bondita is happy to know that her husband has called the best magician for her and she will get to see a good show.  That’s when Anirudh comes disguised as a magician.  And introduces himself.  Sourav asks are they doing well?  Anirudh says yes.  Anirudh thinks that he is doing all this only for Bondita so that he can cure her.  Bondita thinks where Anirudh is?  Anirudh starts the program.  He asks where his wand and all starts searching for him and then Anirudh brings the wand with magic.

Bondita and others are happy to see this.  Anirudh then starts a new game, the same time servant goes to Anirudh’s study room on the orders of Trilochan Da.  Sourav sees and is shocked.  He tells Anirudh about it.  And Anirudh stops Bihari from going there and asks him to join him.  Anirudh says should he make him disappear with magic.  Bihari gets scared and Anirudh punishes him.

The magic show starts like this.  Then Anirudh calls Trilochan, Trilochan goes to him and accidentally removes Anirudh’s mustache from his hand.  Saurav turns off the lights on time and saves Anirudh.  After a while, Trilochan and Binoy leave.  Anirudh takes the program forward.  This time he asks someone who is fearless.  Bondita joins him.  But Anirudh’s brother says that Bondita is a coward.  Bondita denies this and says that Bondita’s husband says that she is very courageous and fearless.  The magician then suggests her not to step back.

Then a big box arrives.  Anirudh i.e. the magician tells Bondita to go into the box.  Bondita refuses.  Anirudh’s brother says she is always a coward.  Bondita says she is not scared, just waiting for her husband.  The magician says that he too will come and be proud to see his fearless bondita.  Bondita then goes into the box.  Anirudh asks others to find Bondita and who finds her gets a reward.  Hearing this, the brothers of Anirudh and Bihari go to find her.

After some time, Bondita starts scared in the dark and asks to open the door.  Then she sees a snake that is going towards Anirudh.  Bondita says to save the magician or else the snake will bite him.  Bondita is hurrying to open the door.  And Saurav tells Anirudh to stop this spectacle.  But Anirudh does not listen to him.  Anirudh says Bondita will save him.

The snake comes close to Anirudh and about to bite him.  But Bondita opens the door and saves Anirudh.  Anirudh is happy to see this.  Bondita picks up the snake and leaves it outside.  Bondita then says that she saved the magician but could not save her father.  Bondita starts crying loudly and goes unconscious.  The next morning Anirudh goes to see if his plan was successful.  That’s when Trilochan and Binoy come there.  And says that if Bondita’s bed still gets wet then she will have to leave from here.

Mini also comes there.  And then Anirudh wakes up Bondita and asks her to open the door.  Mini and Binoy say nothing seems to have changed.  Anirudh says that there is nothing to fear.  If the problem is overcome, knock the door twice and once if not.  Bondita knocks once.  Binoy says this means the problem is not resolved.  Anirudh says he will leave Bondita himself to her mother’s house.  Minnie and Binoy are happy.  Anirudh is unhappy but Bondita knocks again and this time she knocks twice.  Everyone gets shocked.

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