Shakti 14 Aug : Preeto slaps Shano

Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki entertaining plot is ruling on everyone’s heart.

At the beginning of the episode, Heer laughs at Virat and Jharana movements, this makes Virat angry.  Heer says what did Virat thinks that Heer would be sad.  But she is very happy and she laughs at them.  On the other hand, Soham goes to Harak’s lawyer to learn his secrets.  The lawyer gives him the file of Harak.  The lawyer says that Harak is a very nice person and he loves his sister very much.

Going forward, Soham asks the reason behind Harak’s arrest.  the policeman tells that he was arrested because he tried to kill his eunuch daughter-in-law.  It is further revealed that Rohan pretended to be a lawyer and policeman is also with them.

Soham feels that he misunderstood Harak and Preeto.  And he also understands that what Shano was saying was not true.  While Preeto is very happy for Krishnotsav.  And Shano thinks that she will make the festival.  Shano says that now Soham will know everything and he will teach them a lesson.  Then Rohan comes there and informs Preeto that all is done.  Preeto is happy.  Shano starts going from there Preeto stops her and slaps her.  Preeto tells Shano that she knew what Shano was doing.  Because she fitted the at-home cameras.  Shano is shocked to hear this.

At the same time, Soham comes and goes to Harak and apologizes to him.  Harak hugs him and forgives.  Rohan asks them to prepare for the festival.  Heer also arrives at the house and sees everyone happy.  Heer asks if everything is okay?  Everybody says yes  Heer then takes a group photo.  Shano thinks she will now make a new plan and ruin Harak and Preeto.

Virat comes home with Jharana and the housemates are happy to see them together.  Parmeet says that they enjoy the party and Krishnotsav.  Virat then goes to his room.  They prepare for the party. Jharana arranges everything.  Parmeet is happy to see her and asks to call Virat. Jharana goes to Virat’s room and looking at him, says that he looks very good.  She then asks him to join Krishna puja.  Virat says he does not like all this.  Jharana asks him to do this for the family.

Further, Heer asks Lord Krishna to solve her problems.  At the same time, Jharana and Virat come.  Heer is shocked to see them.  Heer asks them the reason for coming.  Jharana says that they come here to celebrate Krishnovast with them.  Virat says that he has come to tell Heer that Jharana is his Radha and not Heer.  Heer says whatever he says but Heer is his Radha.  Episode over.

Will Jharana once again make Heer unhappy?  Will Virat be able to stay away from Heer?

All these questions will be answered by upcoming episodes.  Stay in this place to know what is going to happen in your favorite show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki .

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