Barrister Babu 14 August : Mini provokes Somnath against Bondita

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique storyline and hight voltage twist and turns.

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh says that Bondita can convince the village women.  Sourav doesn’t believe that.  But Anirudh tells him how at first Bondita did not like to use the bathroom but then she realized its importance and she herself came and told this to Anirudh.  Mini is angry to hear this.

The same Bondita is looking at the degree of Anirudh and thinks of giving it to Anirudh which she has completely spoiled.  Mini comes to Anirudh and says Bondita is a baby girl and she cannot do so.  Anirudh says she is special and she will convince everyone because she is not afraid to argue.  And that’s why she has the power to do so.  Anirudh says that he will also be with Bondita in this mission so that there is no mess.  Then Anirudh writes a speech for Bondita so that Bondita can explain the importance of the bathroom to everyone easily.  Anirudh then goes from there.

Mini thinks that she only wants to fulfill her dream of having Anirudh and for this, she can do anything and even break Anirudh’s dream.  Then Mini thinks of ruining Anirudh’s plan.  Next, she comes to Bondita’s room and asks her which saree does Bondita wants to wear today.  Bondita says there is no need for her now as she has now learned to wear a sari herself.  Mini says that it took her a long time to learn how to wear a saree but Bondita learned it in a very short period of time and Bondita is very clever.

Then Bondita shows Mini the degree of Anirudh which she has washed and cleaned.  Mini is shocked.  And scolds her and says how can she clear the degree.  Then Bondita tells that she is not educated and did not know that she had made a mistake by doing so.  Mini gets happy and thinks of taking advantage of Bondita’s illiterate.  After a while, Bihari arrives and tells Bondita that Anirudh has called her.  Bondita gets nervous Mini says she will handle it all.

Then Bondita goes to Anirudh and asks him why he called her.  Anirudh then gives her a written speech and asks her to read it and remember it.  So that it can spread awareness among the villagers through it.  Bondita gets worried because she does not know how to read.

The same Mini goes to Somnath.  Mini provokes Somnath against Bondita.  Somnath gets angry at Bondita.  Further, Bondita hides the fact from Anirudh that she is illiterate as Mini asked her to do so.

On the other hand, Saurav tells Sampoorna to tell everyone that she is not pregnant because nothing of this sort happened between them.  There Bondita thinks whose help she should take so that she can remember this speech.  Then Somnath comes and says that he will help her.  Somnath manipulates words due to which Bondita remembers the wrong things.  The next day, Anirudh asks Bondita is she ready?  Bondita says yes and then Anirudh tells her to repeat the lines in front of him.  Somnath and Mini get scared.  they feel that now Anirudh will know everything.

Will Anirudh be able to find out the truth?  Will Mini succeed in her plan?

All these questions will be answered by upcoming episodes.  Stay in this place to know what is going to happen in your favorite show Barrister Babu.

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