Yeh Hain Chahtein 14 Aug : Saransh’s suprise reults in admission test.

Star Plus show Yeh Hain Chatein is gluing everybody well on screen. In the previous episode, we saw Preesha is worried but gives Saransh all the best for the test. Rudra asks the teacher to send him the link also as he wants Saransh to pass the test anyhow. But Ahana is smarter. She replaces the link and all the answers are misplaced. Saransh test scores are yet to come.

Now in today’s episode, we see the precap scene is repeating and that if Saransh has passed or not. Then Preesha tells him why did he do, she is not feeling well regarding all this. In FB we see Saransh didn’t cheat. Rudra started feeling something for Preesha but then realizes that she killed his brother. Then they take selfies and enjoy moments. Saransh result is out. And due to everybody’s surprise, he is passed. Preesha says shes so proud of Saransh. For some reason, Ahana wants to stop Saransh admission in school so she comes out with plan of bringing parent’s education in accordance. Preesha says she is a doctor then what’s the ‘gadbad’.Ahana says no problem with her in fact she is overqualified. But the problem lies with Rudra. He is not even 12th. Preesha is unaware of all this. And school policies are also strict. They won’t allow(just pretending).

Ahana is a little happy as she has stopped Saransh admission for the time being. Rudra and Preesha talk and Preesha says this problem can be solved as Rudra can fill graduation form and that Preesha will make him study. But Rudra says he cant, Saransh is listening all this.
Rudra reveals he is not even 12th pass. So he cannot give entrance. Saransh comes to Daadi for all these to solve everything between Preesha and Rudra. All the tortures and Rudra’s struggles is blowing. Sharda also gets upset. They all come together to support Rudra. They all smile. Episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, we shall see Rudra announces he will complete his studies with his son and in his school. All are shocked. Balraj is very angry and even raises his hand. Sharda is shocked. Preesha holds Balraj hands and stops him. Will Saransh get admission? And what will be Rudra’s career?? To know the answers keep reading our space and keep watching Yeh Hain Chahtein only on Star Plus.

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