Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th Aug : Rakhi celebrations in full form.

Star Plus’s most popular and long-running show Yeh Rishta is ruling trp charts and has maintained a good position in the audience’s hearts. The show is always in a positive mode.
Now in the previous episode, we saw Kartik is all broken and the entire family.

In today’s episode, we shall see Naira throwing the smiley balls. She shouts how many times will you give me hope and snatch it. She prays then cries. Manish sees her and asks her not to cry, he never cries. Manish says sorry to Naira. He asks Naira to be his friend and he says yes. He says Mannu, Naira, Kartik. He is happy. Next day. Kartik and Dadi are on phone calls. Naira looks sad. Dadi says Kirti called, it’s such an inauspicious year, just that financial problem, then the accident and Manish’s state, Kirti reached Udaipur, she can’t come until her reports come from the medical center, Kartik is much upset. Akhilesh asks did you tell her about Manish.

Dadi says I couldn’t. Swarna says that Rukmani has sent rakhi. Dadi asks Naira and Gayu to go home. Naira says Naksh and Devyaani wanted to come and meet Manish. She gets the inspector’s call. Inspector says you asked me to find about that girl. She asks is she fine. He says no, you have to go to the hospital to see her, Naira says I m going to see the girl in the hospital. She looks for her wallet. She says I didn’t check the bag after the accident. Naira recalls and says maybe its in car. She leaves and collides with Kartik. He holds her in arms. BG plays. He goes away. She shouts Kartik and cries as glass breaks. She says I can’t drive, I will take a cab and go.

She reaches the hospital and asks the nurse about that girl. The nurse says that the storm is there. Naira sees the girl shouting at everyone. The girl sees her and says I have much pain. Naira asks how did come in front of the car, did you come intentionally to make money, you got hurt, and…. The girl says no, I came to return your wallet, I work hard and don’t beg, I m scared of cars. Naira asks where is my wallet, give it. The girl hides it and says I don’t know, I fainted, I swear on Ganga maiyya. Naira recalls herself. The girl scolds the man. Naira stops her. She asks the girl to show her injury. The girl acts. Naira says its nothing, why are you acting, this time police left you, next time you will get jailed, I will go, remember don’t do this again, you will get seriously hurt and then you will understand. The girl asks her to give money to this old uncle. Naira says enough of drama.

She gives money. The girl says if I get fine, Naira says no thanks, you stay nearby. The girl says yes, but I have a big dream house. Naira gets a call and goes. The girl says Naira is very foolish, make me meet her often. Naira gets ready for the function. Kartik talks to doctor. He sees Naira. He takes the folder and goes. Naksh and Devyaani are at home.
Dadi says Manish doesn’t recognize anyone, we will ask Kartik to get him. Surekha says Kirti and Mansi aren’t here. Devyaani says Kirti asked the permissions but didn’t get. Naira comes. Naksh asks why is Naira so sad. Naira says nothing, I m fine.

Naksh says I didn’t ask how you are, why are you so upset, tell me. Kartik gets Manish and says don’t get scared, come with me, everyone is waiting. Naira stops Naksh and says don’t go, he is scared of strangers. Naksh says I m not a stranger. Naira says everyone is a stranger for him, even Suwarna, he just recognizes Kartik. Kartik says sorry. He asks Manish to come, its Rakshabandhan today, its imp day. Naksh says its good Kirti didn’t come, she doesn’t know anything. Naira brings the ball. Manish smiles and takes the ball. Naira ties rakhi to Naksh. Dadi cries and says if Kirti had come, she would have tied a rakhi to Kartik, Manish, and Akhilesh also. Naksh gives gifts to Naira. Naira thinks Kartik would have felt better if Kirti came. Kirti comes and says Kirti is back. Everyone smiles.

In the upcoming episode, we shall see the promo scene repeats. For more updates keep reading and watching Yeh Rishta Kya Keh lata Hai only on Star Plus.

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