Shakti 17 November 2020 Written Update : Malika warns Kareena

At the beginning of the episode, Heer grumbles and says her name is Heer, and she is the daughter of this house, not daughter, but daughter-in-law. There, Kareena is about to tell Tejinder the truth of Heer, but Malika shoots her before revealing anything. Heer dances in front of everyone. People are surprised to see her movements. Heer dances with Parmeet. One man says, what is this girl doing. The woman standing near him tells him that Heer is drinking the alcohol. Parmeet gets angry at Heer and is about to slap her, but Virat comes in the middle, and the slap hits his cheek. Parmeet gets shocked.

Heer asks why Parmeet slaps Virat. Virat takes Heer to her room. Sant says the party is over so that everyone can go now. Parmeet stops the people from going and says that the party is still going on. Tejinder asks Kareena about the truth. But the injured Kareena is unable to say anything, and Tejinder leaves.

Malika warns Kareena that if she tries to tell Heer’s truth to someone again, the bullet will hit her heart, not the hand. Parmeet asks Harak to apologize to everyone and asks Preeto to clean the broken glass. Preeto and Harak do as Parmeet said. Parmeet asks Rohan to serve guests drinks like a waiter and asks Mahi and Sindhu to clean the house. Tejinder arrives and calls Sant and says that this marriage is wrong. She uses the word Kinnar which surprises everyone.

There, Virat apologizes to Heer. And punishes himself by slapping him. While Heer is sleeping, on the other hand, Tejinder says that this marriage is very wrong. She asks them to investigate Heer. She says that she went to meet Kareena. And Kareena was about to tell her a secret, but someone shot her. She wonders what the secret that caused Kareena to shoot was. Sant asks Harak what his secret is. Malika comes and says that it is Saumya who is alive and she wants to take Heer with her and Kareena also wants to do the same so that Soumya falls in everyone’s eyes.

Tejinder says, but who fired. Virat says that maybe this is his job. Preeto, Harak and Rohan say that this can also be their work. Parmeet asks Virat what the thing that he is hiding from her is. Virat ignores her and walks into the room. Further, Heer discovers that someone had added cannabis to her drink.

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