choti sardarni 17 November 2020 Written Update : Manav challanged Sarabjeet

At the beginning of the episode, Kulwant was distributing gifts; first, she called Jeeto and gave her a bucket. Jetto was a little confused about receiving a bucket as a gift. Yogesh was recording all the happening next turn was of Amrita, but Kulwant made the excuse that phone memory is full and without video, she doesn’t feel good to give any gifts. Amrita spoke to herself and said she know that nothing was sent from his house, so she didn’t give any gift.

Meher was crying in a room and holding Karan in his arms. Suddenly Sarabjeet came to Meher and calmed her, but Meher says she fell guilty when she came across Aditi. Meher says Aditi has done many things for us, and we can’t do so bad to her. Sarabjeet told him to stop blaming herself as everything depends on the situation, and we have to face maturely. Meher says that today Vikaram was very angry and was creating a scene. Sarabjeet told her that he would find a solution for it and told her to relax.

Kulwant was noticing Amrita and told her that she had lost weight around 5 kg. Kulwant asked Amrita about her chain then Amrita said that someone snatched her Chian last week when she went to market. Then Kulwant asked her about the second chain, then Amirta again said the same thing that someone snatched her chain and went off from there, giving an excuse.

Manav was cooking for Seema, and there Seema said sorry to him for the slap. Seema told Manav to respect Aditi. Sarabjeet and Harleen came and asked for Robbie.

Robbi was playing cards and drinking with his friends suddenly Pathak came and asked him about the mansion attack. Robbie gave cards to Pathak and said to him to play with him. Robbi was drinking very much.

Everyone praised Manav for the food. Manav said that he would prepare milk for Karan. Sarabjeet was a little shocked. Manav was talking about the time table of Karan. Sarabjeet tells Manav that he knows the timetable of his child, and Karan sleeps with his lorry. Seema wishes to become a grandmother. Manav tells Seema that very soon, his grandchild will play in her lap seeing Sarabjeet.

Robbie lost 50 lacks and was very much intoxicated. Robbie asked for help from Pathak, but he said he is a politician, and without benefit, he doesn’t do anything. Robbi agrees to his terms and requested help.

Meher gave a present to Aditi, and Sarabjeet gave a wired look to Manav. After that, Manav went to Sarabjeet and told him that one day she would handle his mother, and he will fight for his children’s custody, and he will go to court. Sarabjeet asked if he didn’t get Karan then. Manav says he will perform a DNA test and prove that Karan is his child, and before him, he was the boyfriend of Meher. Sarabjeet gets angry after listening to this and told him that he has many responsibilities to handle. Manav says he will surely take Karan back. Manav says he will cross every limit to get him back.

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