Qurbaan Hua 18 November 2020 Written Update : Vyas Ji slapped Alekh

At the beginning of the episode, Vyas Ji feels insulted in front of the villagers. Chahat tried to talk to Vyas Ji, but Vyas Ji shouted and stopped her from saying anything. Alekh smiled and said this type of obstacle would remain coming until Neel goes from this house. Neel, in aggression, started packing his bags and told Chahat to pack her bags too and told her to come with her, and after going from here, she is free to go anywhere.

Chahat tried to calm down Neel and motivated him to face the challenges. Chahat told Neel to get to know that who had changed the gold coins into an artificial one. Bhopu praised Chahat for the idea to catch the main culprit. Neel came in a police uniform in front of her.

Chahat taunted and said it’s more important to stay in an attitude of a police officer. Chahat came Infront of that jeweler scooter and fell on the ground. And started shouting for the police and immediately Neel came in a police uniform.

Neel moves towards Chahat and that jeweler. Chahat started acting and blamed the jeweler for cheating, and then Neel interrogates him and gets to know that anyone has called him and acted of Neel and told him to make artificially gold coins. The jeweler was leaving a sudden Chahat told him to call the man who instructed him to change the gold coins. Then they got to know that a call was made from the landline number. Then Neel requested him to come with him and help him to catch the culprit. Chahat Brought a scanner to catch the culprit.

Godhmbhari objected, but Vyas jo said everyone has to give the sample. Alekh was little feared and escaped from there put some liquid on his hand to get safe, but after that, Neel discloses that this machine did nothing and blamed Alekh for playing such a game within the family. Vyas got angry and slapped Alekh and said to him a cheater.

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