Shakti 19 Aug : Preeto finds everything strange

Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki entertaining plot is ruling on everyone’s heart.

At the beginning of the episode, Soham imagines that he has shot Heer.  He then comes out from his imagination and slaps Heer.  Heer asks the reason for this.  Soham tells because she is stubbornly opposed to her mother’s wishes.  Heer goes from there and asks him to never to talk to her.  Soham says that he too doesn’t want to.  Preeto scolds Soham.  Rohan tells him to apologize,  Harak also agrees with him.  But Soham ignores them and says that they should first apologize for their actions.  Rohan and Harak are shocked. While Shano looks happy.

Heer cries because Soham slapped her.  Preeto consoles her.  Harak and Ravi also come there to console Heer.  Harak says Soham will pay the penalty for this slap.  Ravi says that she will go to Soham and talk about it.  Heer says now what is the use because he did what he wants to do.  There Soham throws things in anger and says that he hates Heer because she is a eunuch.  Soham takes Rakhi and burns them because he cannot accept a tied rakhi of a eunuch.  Heer says that Soham is her brother and she tied her rakhi and he should have seen it before raising his hand.

Further, Virat and Jharana are talking.  Jharana says they will date today.  And she will cook food which she has learned from the internet yesterday.  Parmeet asks them to walk with her to the temple.  To which Virat refuses and Jharana tells him that they can do this much for Parmeet.

After some time, Jharana drops her ring so that when Heer comes, she sees it.  Heer arrives and notices the ring.  She thinks whose ring is this.  Then Jharana comes and tells her that it is her engagement ring.  She says that she and Virat got engaged yesterday.  Heer gets a shock. Jharana starts bothering her.  Heer ignores her words but Jharana didn’t stop.  Heer gets angry and slaps her.  Heer tells her not to play with her.  Jharana calls her crazy and when Virat comes, she tells him how Heer slaps her.  Virat gets angry and goes to the teacher to complain about Heer so that they can dismiss her from college.

Heer takes the phone from Isha and calls Nutan to tell about Virat’s engagement.  Heer starts crying and Nutan tells her to think patiently.  Shano comes home, on which Preeto asks her where she went.  Shano says mind your own things.  Harak is shocked to hear her and scolds her for this.  Shano leaves from there and Preeto finds everything strange as Soham’s behavior is also strange.  Episode ended.

Will Preeto know Shano’s truth?  What will be Soham’s next move?

To know more keep watching Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

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