Barrister babu 19th Aug : Bondita is in confusion

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique storyline and high voltage twist and turns.

At the beginning of the episode Bondita asks why Trilochan sent Mini away.  Trilochan says that she does not need Mini, he will teach him everything.  Bondita says is it necessary?  Trilochan says yes it is very important for girls.  And homework is a girl’s real jewel.  Bondita thinks that girls have to do a lot after marriage.  Trilochan gives her a scoop and says that this is her jewel after today and she has to become a skilled housewife.  And from today a new chapter in her life will begin.

Anirudh comes and tells Bondita that he has brought something for her.  Bondita says is it rasgule or toys.  Anirudh says it is none of these, rather it is slate and pencil.  Anirudh says that now she will get an education and get the place she deserves.  And this will make her a skilled housewife and this is her jewel.  Bondita becomes fermented.  And asks what she should do, should read, or should learn household chores.  Anirudh says that education is important and Trilochan says that household chores are necessary so that she can make the house beautiful.  Anirudh says that by reading and writing, she can make the whole country beautiful.  Trilochan says that if she is unable to manage the house then what will be achieved by reforming the country.  And in this way, the arguments of Anirudh and Trilochan keep on going and Bondita becomes fully engrossed.  Bondita does not understand what she should do.

Anirudh tells Bondita that from tomorrow the teacher will come to teach her and should not divert her attention.  Trilochan gets hurt by Anirudh’s words and he becomes unhappy.  Anirudh says that he did not mean it.  Anirudh says he never wants to hurt him.  Anirudh says that they should help Bondita and not block her way.  Trilochan says that there are many educated people in this house, but there is not a housewife and this house needs a housewife.  Anirudh says that Bondita has the right to read and write and she should also get the right to education like boys.  Trilochan still denies this and says that Bondita will do as he is saying.  Trilochan goes from there.

Bondita says who will train her.  Anirudh says the teacher.  Bondita says that the teacher will teach her how to cook food.  Anirudh says that he will teach her how to read and Bondita only has to concentrate on reading.  There Mini thinks that she will not let Anirudh go from her hands.  Bondita thinks what she should do now if she does not listen to Anirudh then he will be angry.  And if she did not listen to Trilochan, he would get angry.  Early in the morning, Trilochan wakes up Bondita and asks her to get ready.  Bondita falls asleep but then she starts getting ready because of Trilochan.

Saurav awakens Anirudh and sees a book in his study room that has knowledge about the process of becoming a mother.  Sourav thinks about giving the book to Sampurna.  Anirudh comes and asks which book he is reading.  Saurav hesitates to tell him.  Anirudh notices the book and says that there is nothing wrong or blasphemous in it.  Next Mini and Binoy form a new plan to get Bondita out of Anirudh’s life.  Episode ended.

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