Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 19th Aug : Natasha gets imprisoned in a magic bottle

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka always managed to grab the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Rehan feels that Shayari is passing by him.  Then Aman comes and asks where is Shayari?  Rehan says that he felt as if he saw Shayari.  Aman teases Rehan and says that now he is seeing someone else instead of Natasha on the day of his engagement.  Aman says he should think one more time before getting engaged.  Rehan tells him not to talk like this.  Mahira also comes there and says that she too does not like Natasha.

There,  Shayari is searching for her papers.  She finds it in Natasha’s room and she is about to leave with those papers but then Natasha arrives.  And asks what are she doing here?  Shayari says she came for some office work.  Natasha looks at the paper in Shayari’s hand and asks what is it.  When Shayari does not tell her anything, she comes out to tell Rehan but she collides with something.  And is imprisoned in a magical bottle.  Shayari feels that Natasha left and she should leave before she tells anyone.  Shayari starts going but then Dadi arrives.  She tells Shayari to get ready and help her.

Aman tells everyone about Rehan’s engagement and then he also wants to tell everyone that he is going to be a father.  But Roshni gets scared because she has to hide this from black jin.  That’s why she stop Aman before he says anything.  Aman asks why she doesn’t want everyone to know about it.  Shayari wants to know whose engagement is this.  She asks Bhuya but she also tells her nothing.  Further Aman talks to Roshni in private and asks her what she is hiding from him.  And why she doesn’t want to tell anyone that they are going to be parents.  Rubina comes and says that she refused.  Rubina says that this child is very precious because this will be Jinnad and Aiyana’s child.  She says that she has said this to protect the child from evil eyes.

Further, Mahira tells everyone that Natasha cannot be found.  Aman asks Rehan where is Natasha?  Rehan says he does not even know.  Everyone starts searching for Natasha.  While Natasha thinks that if she falls from the roof, the bottle will break and she will be free.  Media people express their problems and think about leaving from there.

In the upcoming episodes, Rubina starts the process of transfer of the child but then Aman is coming towards their direction.

Will Aman know about the deal?  Will Natasha be free from captivity?

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