Anupamma 18 Aug : Rakhi breaks Kinjal and Toshu alliance.

Star Plus new show is rocking at trp chart. Anupamaa brings something new but some remain the same. In the previous episode, we saw the whole family is busy at celebrations. Nandani comes to Shah’s house and Kavya, Vanraj tries everything to make feel uncomfortable to Kavya by getting too close to Anupamaa. Kinjal lied to Rakhi and came to Shah Niwas. Everybody forced Anupamaa to dance.

In today’s episode, we see Anu starts to dance on the tunes of Radha kaise na jalein. Everybody is enjoying and dancing to the tunes of chogada tara. Kavya is damn angry seeing all this. Kinjal mom is calling her continuously. Kinjal isn’t picking up. Rakhi arrives in a very bad mood. Rakhi screams at everybody to stop the drama. Rakhi comes to Kinjal. And scolds her like anything. Rakhi says she didn’t inform her and no permission. Anupamaa comes in between and tries to tackle but all in vain. Kinjal answer to Rakhi. Anupamaa says let’s come together and enjoy. But Rakhi is too furious to listen to anybody. She says on top of her voice, Kinjal will not be getting married to Toshu. Vanraj is not so good with all this happening.

Rakhi is speaking continuously and taunting Shah’s. She scolds Kinjal and says these people want to change you to which Kinjal denies. Rakhi even says they are gold diggers. Baa says in a loud tone to “Stop”. And then says to Rakhi they haven’t accepted Kinjal because of money or dowry. They are self-made and she has an experience of 25 years to be a mother in law. Rakhi says they are greedy and want Kinjal’s money that’s all. And takes Anupamaa’s side that if Kinjal is lying, she should be punished. Anupamaa says let us have a talk with calmness. Baa says you tried but nothing happens. She knows how to do tit for tat. Baa says we don’t have “kami” for our Toshu. If Rakhi has so many issues then she should not tie any ties with them. Mamaji tries to take Baa in. Rakhi says she’s sorry that Shah’s doesn’t need a career-oriented and modern girl they require a maid like a daughter in law just like Anupamaa and points the finger on her. Episode ends.

Now we see in the next episode that Rakhi taunts and Vanraj takes Anupamaa’s side. How dare she talks to his wife like that. Nandani says Vanraj is too protective of Anupamaa, this is true love, Kavya becomes upset.

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