Shakti 18 Aug : Virat wants to erase Heer’s memories

Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki entertaining plot is ruling on everyone’s heart.

At the beginning of the episode, Soham is sad to think that the sister he loved so much since childhood is a eunuch.  Soham starts crying and decides to get Heer out of the house.  There, Heer and the rest of the family are happily hanging out and enjoying the festival.

On the other side, Virat and Jharana are also dancing together.  And Parmeet gives Gurminder a ring box and asks her to make Virat engaged to Jharana.  Gurminder refuses at first, but then due to Parmeet, she has to do so forcefully.  Gurminder asks Virat to put this ring into Jharana’s hand.  Virat gets shocked and says he doesn’t want it right now.  Then Sant comes and pressures him to engage.  Virat then puts on a ring to Jharana’s hand but then he sees Heer.  Seeing Heer makes him angry and he puts rings on her hand.

Soham thinks of throwing Heer out of the house, but Shano stops him.  Shano takes Soham to her room and tells him not to do so as the whole family is standing for her.  Soham says then what he should do and starts breaking things in anger.  Shano says they should make a plan and then work accordingly.  Soham says he does not believe in planning.  Soham says everyone fooled him.  Rohan became a fake lawyer and lied to him, even the policeman lied because of Harak.  Soham says that everyone hid the truth from him and now he will ruin everyone.  Soham starts going out in anger.  Shano tries to stop him but he does not listen to her.

There Heer goes to Mahi and asks her to dance.  Then Soham brings a gun there and holds the gun on Heer.  Everyone gets shocked and asks Soham what is he doing?  Soham says a girl like Heer has no right to live here.  Heer asks what does that mean?  Heer says if he wants to kill his sister.  Soham says yes because Heer is also like Soumya.  Heer is shocked and asks what he means.  Soham says that Heer is also a eunuch like Soumya and has to be killed today.  Heer and the rest of the family are shocked.

Virat also filles his gun and shoots randomly.  Virat says that he cannot shoot Heer but can shoot her memories.  Virat says that he has become emotionless due to Heer.  Gurminder is looking at Virat and is sad to see Virat in trouble.  Soham shoots at Heer.  Episode ended.

Will Virat be able to forget Heer?  What will Heer do after knowing her existence?

To know more keep watching Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

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