Barrister babu 18th Aug : Trilochan decides to make Bondita a skilled Housewife

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique storyline and high voltage twist and turns.

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita tells Anirudh that she has mixed her honor in the soil.  Bondita says that she wanted to help him.  Because she also liked the benefits of the bathroom.  And she wanted to make everyone aware of it.  Anirudh is happy to hear this and asks why she did not study?  Bondita says because all these are for boys only.  And nobody wants to marry a girl who is educated.  Bondita says that he is the first person who asked her this question.  She says people say that girls should only know pakkala and sewing.  She says there was only one school in her village and that too was for boys.  So she could not read.  Anirudh feels that there is no mistake of Bondita in this because society has taught her this.

Mini further tells Binoy how Anirudh was humiliated today.  Binoy says but even then he has not left Bondita .  The same Anirudh is lost in his thoughts.  He remembers how he gave the book to Bondita to read while she repeatedly asked how she should read it.  Binoy says that Anirudh is still in favor of Bondita.  Binoy says that Mini is his childhood love but he still has Bondita in his mind.  Mini says that Bondita cannot match her.  Binoy says that Mini did wrong by telling him about Bondita ignorance.  Because now Anirudh will again do something to erase the darkness of Bondita’s life.  And Bondita will never leave from here.

Further, Trilochan is also discussing this topic with Bihari and says that now Anirudh will do some strange thing again.  But he will also do something about it.  Trilochan says that he will entangle Bondita in other things.  There Batuk and bondita are in the kitchen.  Batuk tries to open a box.  Bondita says she will help him.  But Batuk says that if she opened it, then she will eat all the biscuits.  Bondita asks what is this.  Batuk tells her that it is an English dessert.

Anirudh comes to Sourav’s house.  Sampurna says that Anirudh should not punish her sister for being illiterate.  Anirudh says that he does not want to punish Bondita but to give her an opportunity to study.  Bondita says she will open the box.  Batuk says girls do not have this much strength.  Anirudh thinks that like Mini, the teacher will come to teach Bondita at home.  But Baba and Kaka will refuse.  Batuk does not open the box and accepts defeat and starts leaving, but only then Bondita takes the box and opens it easily.  Batuk asks her to give the box back.  Bondita says she will give if he says that girls can do everything.  Batuk says he won’t say it.  Bondita runs away with the box.  Trilochan scolds her.  And asks him to cook dinner.  Bondita says Minnie will teach her.

There Anirudh says that he will call the teacher between 3 to 5 because Kaka is either sleeping or has gone out of work.  A maid comes and tells about the intrigues of Mini to Trilochan.  Trilochan thinks Mini has to be kept from Bondita and away from home.  Then Mini arrives and Bondita goes to Mini and asks him to teach her cooking.  But Trilochan refuses and looks suspiciously at her.  Trilochan then tells Bondita to go to the kitchen.  Bondita leaves.  And Trilochan says some bitter words to Mini.  Trilochan says that Bondita is the daughter-in-law of this house and it is not right for Mini to come here again and again.  Mini is saddened to hear her talk and leaves.  Trilochan further decides to make Bondita a skilled duodenum.

Will Mini run again a new trick?  Will Trilochan be able to make Bondita a skilled duodenum?

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