Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 18th Aug : Rubina begins the process of transferring the child

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka always managed to grab the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Rehan and Natasha are engaged and Natasha captures Rehan.  But it would have been just her imagination.  Next Natasha thinks that her dream will be fulfilled very soon.  And she will save everyone from Jinnad.  At the same time, Shayari enters Rehan’s house and gets mesmerized by smelling the food.

Rubina brings Sitra who will hold Roshni’s baby in her womb.  Roshni thanks her.  Rubina again tells her to think but Roshni is ready to take it.  Shayari enters Rehan’s room and inserts her file between files so that Rehan can sign them. While Rehan thinks that he will apologize to Shayari after the engagement.

Aman asks about Roshni and then starts searching for her.  On the other hand, Roshni and Rubina are talking.  Roshni says she is having trouble doing this, but she will do it to save her child from black jin.

Rehan goes after signing those papers.  Shayari becomes happy and starts dancing only when her earring falls.  Rehan comes to the room and sees earring of her and recognizes that it is Shayari’s earring.  Then his sister comes and teases him on this matter.  Rehan takes her out with him.

Rubina begins the process of transferring the child.  And Aman is searching for Roshni.  Rubina transfers the child with the help of a thread and tells Roshni that the thread should not break.  Rubina says that she will start the next process as soon as the thread is red.  Shayari tries to leave Rehan’s house.  On the way, she meets Rehan’s sister and she considers her as a bride, but only then Natasha comes and removes her misconception.

Aman enters Roshni’s room and asks why she is not ready yet.  Roshni says she was just getting ready.  Roshni tells him to leave from there so that they can start the process further.  Aman goes away.  Roshni is worried about how the process will end quickly as she has less time.

Mahira prepares Natasha and Natasha taunting at the old jewels.  While Aman and Rehan are talking and Rehan sees Shayari.  Rehan thinks that if Shayari is here, he will apologize to her.  While Shayari loses her paper.

In the upcoming episode, Aman calls Roshni but Roshni’s hands are tied with Sitra.

Will Rehan be able to apologize to Shayari?  Will Aman doubt the behavior of Roshni?

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