Shakti 21th Sep : Virat is in a dilemma

At the beginning of the episode, Virat and Heer ask each other if they are okay. While Jharana feels jealous seeing them together. And she gets angry with Heer and says if she is fine now then make her incomplete mehndi complete. Heer says yes and apply mehndi on her hand. At night, Virat is thinking about Heer. Then his sister-in-law comes and says that she thinks Heer loves her the most. Virat says yes and for that reason he can even die for her. Gurminder says he cannot because the first right on his life will be that of his wife and children and not of Heer. Saying this, she starts going from there. And Jharana comes there with milk for Virat. And in that milk she added the sleeping pils. Then she gives milk to Virat and Virat drinks it.

Heer looks at the window again and again and Preeto comes there and says that he will not come. Heer says who will not come. Preeto says she should not wait for him because now he is going to get married. Heer says that she is not waiting for anyone and is only studying. Preeto signs and goes away. And Heer says that she is waiting for Virat because she wants to see what trun now their relationship is going to take.

Virat feels very sleepy there but he wants to meet Heer. But he falls unconscious due to sleeping medicine. Jharana then comes to his room and is happy as her plan succeeds. Next, Heer and Rohan are solving some questions, when Soham comes there and tells them about a web series. In which a girl learns that she is a eunuch. Heer says that if something like this happens to her, then she dies after consuming poison. Everyone is shocked. Preeto says no one should lose their courage because death is not the solution to anything. Further, Preeto asks Soham not to do such a thing. But Soham says that if she doesn’t want him to do this, then she should send Heer to her rightful place.

There are some wedding ceremonies of Virat and Jharana, in which Virat repeatedly sees Heer’s face. Virat becomes fermented. And go to the temple and ask why this is happening to him. Then Pandit ji comes there and answers his questions. Episode end.

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