Barrister babu 21th Sep : Bondita decides that she will not go to penance from now on

The episode starts with Anirudh returns home early and discovers Bondita. He check in the study room and Bondita sits there before Anirudh arrives. Anirudh feels something strange and asks where are the smells of raw milk coming from. He calls Bihari. And till then Bihari came he asks to check her copy. Anirudh sees that Bondita has not done the homework. And he scolds her for that. And ask why she did not do her work. Then Bihari comes there and asks why Anirudh called him. Anirudh says he is smelling something different. Bihari says that this smell is coming from Bondita.

Anirudh remembers the miracle of Brij’s Krishna who drinks milk and asks if she went there. Trilochan comes there and says that Bondita was not there because he was there and he did not see Bondita. Trilochan says that if he is still not convinced, then Bondita must swear and prove this fact. Anirudh says that there is no need because he has complete faith in Bondita. Bondita feels sad because she is breaking Anirudh’s trust by lying.

There, Sourav apologizes to Sampoorna and asks her to start their life afresh. Sampoorna is happy and hugs him. Surmani gets angry after seeing this and she thinks that even if the misunderstanding between Sorav and Sampoorna solved, she still cannot thwart her plan.

Bondita feels very sad that she is lying to Anirudh and she decides to sleep on cold floor as a punishment. Batuk comes there and asks if Anirudh punished her. Batuk says that it is his fault that he did not do the homework. Bondita says that it is not his but her fault because she is lying to Anirudh. Batuk says if she realizes the mistake then she should rectify it.

The next morning Bondita decides that she will not go to penance from now on. The same Brij thinks that today he will rob all the money of Roy Chaudharies and Bondita will help him in this. Brij enters Trilochan’s house and asks him to join the Gita lessons. Trilochan asks for water for Brij from Bondita. And Bondita is shocked to see him there. Further Bondita tells him that she will not come to do penance from today. Brij says then her goats will disappear and her sister will get into trouble, so she will have to come there. Episode end.

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