Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 22st Sep : Mermaid jin hypnotizes Rehan

At the beginning of the episode, Khanna arrives at Junaid Haveli and the fish jin hunts him down.  There Rehan says that they have to keep watch over the fish.  Aman and others agree with his decision.  And Rehan goes to keep an eye on her first and the fish jin tries to trap him through her talks.  But Rehan says that she cannot trap him and he notices some files at the same time.  He think Khanna went away keeping the files himself. While the fish splash some water on him.  Due to which Rehan starts seeing things which are not there and he falls into the pool.  And the mermaid jin also makes him a mermaid.

Roshni tells Aman that they should not have named their child Armaan.  Aman asks why?  Then Roshni says because Armaan is always awake, so their son Armaan is also awake.  And both start laughing.

Aman says Armaan is awakened because he is a Jin.  Roshni says no, he is Ayana.  Then Armaan picks up a pot with the help magic and Aman says look at his jin powers.  But soon the flowerpot falls, both of them become worried as to why Armaan did this.  And the water also turns black.  Both go out in worry and Shayari also comes out.  The three see that Rehan is sitting near the mermaid.

They get shocked and Rehan comes out of the pool.  And they ask him what he was doing inside the pool.  Rehan says that his ring had fallen inside and he had gone to pick it up.  Actually Rehan has forgotten what happened to him earlier.

Shayari then tells him that she has come to know about a good Jin who can help them.  Shayari asks Rehan to come with her.  Further, Rehan asks Shayari where do they need to go.  Shayari tells him about key Jin and ask him to drive there.  The mermaid there now wants Roshni and Aman to be her prey.  Episode end.


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