Shakti 28th Aug : Virat protects Heer

In the beginning of today’s episode, Harak and Preeto get emotional after seeing Heer. Preeto tells Harak that Virat did this as he hates Heer, so he must have planned to harm Heer. Preeto says that years ago, she too had run many tricks to kill Soumya and Virat is doing the same. Nutan comes there and tells Preeto that she went to Virat but Virat says that he has not done anything like this. Preeto says that till today we have confessed that we had tried to get Soumya killed then why would confess. Preeto says she can say with confidence that Virat has done it because he also kidnapped Heer.

The same Virat is worried about Heer and then Jarhana’s call comes. Virat asks her if she reached home. Jaharna says she liked knowing that Virat is worried about her. Jarhana says that she will reach home in a short time. Jaharna says to Virat, I love you. Hearing this, Virat remembers Heer’s proposal and says goodbye to Jarahana in response. Jarahana tells him to repeat I love you to. But Virat disconnects the phone by speaking same to you. Then Gurminder enters Virat’s room and asks him about Heer. Gurminder asks if Virat doesn’t really care about Heer. Virat says yes to the answer and says he does not mind if Heer lives or dies. Gurminder advises him that he should appreciate her first love and leaves. Virat feels guilty after hearing this because he only insults Heer in the name of Kadar.

Next, Shano asks Soham to kill Heer. Shano says that Soham should avenge his parents’ death and end Heer’s anecdote. Soham agrees and leaves for the hospital. Daljit has also come to the hospital to kill Heer. But he stops seeing Preeto and Harak in front of her room. After a while Rohan and Soham come there and they take Preeto and Harak to the canteen for food. Daljit takes advantage of the opportunity and enters Heer’s room and suppresses her oxygen pipe, which causes Heer to breathe. Before Heer dies, Virat comes there and saves her. The man takes advantage of the opportunity and runs away and Virat goes after him.

Soham then enters Heer’s room and attempts to remove Heer’s oxygen mask. While doing so, Soham feels sad and is hesitating but still removes Heer’s mask. Heer is suffering because of lack of oxygen. There Virat is fighting with the man and tries to remove his mask but the man pushes Virat and runs away. Episode end.

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