Shaadi Mubarak 29th August : Tarun reveals that he sold the house of Bundi

The episode starts with Preeti is going towards home and cries after remembering the office thing, only then Juhi’s call comes. Rati tells Preeti not to tell anything to Juhi or else she will think badly about them. Preeti does the same, she picks up the phone but says she will talk to Juhi later and tells her nothing. Juhi gets upset because till today Preeti never refuses to talk to her.

After some time they reach home. Tarun wants to talk to Preeti but Preeti goes to her room by hitting the door on his mouth. Next, Tarun and Rati look at the money and become happy. Tarun says from where did Preeti bring so much money. Rati cannot find the wardrobe anywhere and thinks that Preeti may have got the money by selling the wardrobe. Both become happy and Rati decides to lure Preeti in the morning. There, KT is worried about his acne but his mother’s full attention is on the cupboard and she asks KT about the wardrobe. KT tells her that the person who sold him the wardrobe did not want to sell it but sold it for some reason. KT addresses her innocently. There, Preeti is crying in her room and only the word thief is echoing in her ears.

The next morning Rati makes breakfast for Preeti and she and Tarun go to give her breakfast and see that Preeti is packing her luggage. Rati asks where she is going. Preeti says she wants to be alone in Bundi for a few days to calm her mind. Tarun remembers that he has sold the house. Rati tries to stop her but Preeti does not agree.

There KT and his family are having breakfast at the breakfast table. Then comes the song of KT’s moive and everyone dances on it. Then KT get flowers and a note and in which his fan wishes him a happy wedding anniversary. KT is sad to read this and becomes misguided. To change the topic, KT’s aunt gives him the key she got from the cupboard. KT thinks to returns the key.

There, Tarun tells Preeti that she cannot go anywhere because he has sold the house. Preeti is shocked to hear this and she questions him. Tarun tells that he bought this house only by selling Bundi’s house. Tarun then leaves from there. Rati tells Preeti to have food. Next, Juhi comes to Preeti’s house and sees her packing ladoos. Juhi says is she going to the orphanage. Preeti says yes. Juhi says when she is unhappy she always did it, Juhi tells her to tell her. Preeti says that she is going to share sweets only for celebrating Tarun’s wedding.

After some time Preeti is leaving the house and feels a bit strange. Suddenly, her sari falls into the fan and she starts removing it from there. Then KT comes there and thinks that Preeti is committing suicide. He stops her but Preeti falls in his arms.

Precap: Tarun kicks Preeti out of the house

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