Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th Aug : Shayari is a Jin hunter

The episode starts with Roshni is sad and upset and is crying seeing a flower.  Roshni says what she should do and how to save her child.  Roshni says that if she cannot save her child, then she will not be able to live.  Roshni ask God to show some way.  That’s when the first Ayanna comes from the Aiyana tree.  While Shayari is leaving the house, Rehan stops her and says that he has come to know that she is a Jin hunter.  Rehan says that he went to Rubina’s house and there he came to know through her umbrella that she is a hunter.

Rehan suspects that Shayari has done something with Farhan.  And he starts to question Shayari but Shayari says that she did nothing with Farhan but Farhan misbehaved with her.  Shayari says she escaped from there but still could not escape from those bad memories.  Rehan is still accused of losing Rehan on Shayari but Mahira comes there and tells him that Shayari is not but Natasha is Farhan’s culprit.  Mahira takes Rehan to the room where Natasha is imprisoned in a bottle.  But when they go there, they do not find Natasha there.

There Ayana tells Roshni that she can give birth to a child in the Ayana corner to save the child from black jin.  Ayana also make herself look a Roshni so she can trick Jin easily.  Rehan says that even though Natasha is a hunter, her opinion is not changed for Shayari.  Mahira says but Shayari has helped them a lot.  Shayari says that if Rehan is still not convinced about then she will leave his life and home.  Shayari starts going and Mahira tries to stop her.  There Roshni gives a message to everyone as Ayana said and informs everyone that she will give birth to the child in Ayana Corner.  Everyone reads her text, except Aman.  When Mahira receives the message, she stops Shayari and says Roshni needs them.

Aman calls out his sword and is ready to fight with Jin.  He says he will save his child.  And ignores the message.  When Roshni is going out of the house, Aman stops her.  Roshni asks him did he not read the message, Aman says what kind of message.  Then the first Ayanna also comes there and Aman all understand what is going on.  He tries to get Roshni to reach Ayana Corner and tries to distract Jin but fails.  Because the power of the Jin is stronger than them.

Precap: Roshni gives birth to the baby and Jin comes to take her baby.

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