Nagin 30th August – Veer harasses Bani and Jai

In the beginning of the episode, Veer states that Jai is a very timid boy and believes that Bani is also not a Naagin.  He says that if she was a Naagin, she would not run away seeing Eagles but attacked them.  Veer says that it is good that Bani is not a serpent and is a common girl and now she can become his girlfriend.  Bani further says that she wants to kill those Eagles.  Bani says she is not such a girl but still she gets angry seeing those Eagles.

The next day, Bani is getting late to go to Jai’s office because it is raining.  Then a car stops in front of her.  Bani feels that the car Jai has sent for her, but he is Veer who lies to Bani and gets her in the car.  When Bani learns this, she is very angry and she curses him for this.  There is a fight between the two on the way.  Veer is flirting with Bani and Bani scolds him.  Finally they reach Jai’s restaurant.  Veer says he liked spending time with Bani.  Bani says and she feels very bad.  Bani warns Veer not to meet her after today.  Bani goes away saying this.

Bani then goes inside the restaurant and calls Jai good morning sir.  Jai says everyone here is same and no one is boss, so don’t call him boss.  Bani is impressed by hearing this.  Meanwhile Veer misbehaves with his staff.  Jai and Bani are interacting with each other.  Bani is a little nervous.  Jai asks Bani if ​​she feels uncomfortable with him.  Bani says no.  Bani says that she feels uncomfortable with Veer only.  After some time, Jay gets a girl’s call.  Jai picks up the phone and the girl says that she wants to talk to Bani.  Jai gives Bani a call.  The girl is alerting Bani about Veer, but then Veer comes and her words remain incomplete.  Bani goes to Veer and asks why he is here.  Jai also comes there.  Veer informs them that they have bought a part of the restaurant and they will celebrate at 9 pm.  Bani and Jai get shocked.  Veer tells them that now the restaurant is also his, so he will not go anywhere.  But Bani says that the party is at 9 o’clock and it is not 9 o’clock yet.  Bani asks them to come later and slaps the door on Veer’s face.

Veer’s brother says that Bani is crossing her limits.  His brothers say that she insults Veer again and again. They asks him to teach Bani a lesson.  But Veer does not listen to them.  And enters the restaurant after 9 p.m.  Bani gets upset seeing him.  And Veer makes Bani more upset.  Later they start dancing and he asks Bani to join him.  Jai tells him not to do so.  Jai tells him to stay within his limits.  But Bani stops him and dances with Veer to find out what he wants.

There, the father of Veer is quite happy to see Veer happy.  Next he talks about Adhinaagin with a man.  The man says Adhinagin is dead.  But Veer’s father says that this is not true.  Veer’s father wants to find Adhinaagin because Veer’s life is threatened by Adhinaagin.  Balraj says that he will kill Adhinaagin.  He asks the man not to have any discussion with Veer about this.  There, Veer is still harassing Bani and Jai with his words.  Episode end.


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