Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 31th Aug : Roshni turns into ice statue

At the beginning of the episode, it is 12 o’clock in the night and black Jin’s eyes are on Junaid Haveli.  There Roshni is about to give birth to her child and is in pain.  After some time Roshni gives birth to the child and Jin comes to take him.  Aman says he will not allow his child to be brought to Jin.  But Aman’s housekeepers prevent him from fighting Jin.  Jin laughs and demands to give him the baby.  Rubina says they have to give the baby.  Roshni and Aman refuse.  But in the end they have to give their child.  Aman and Roshni cry badly and their heart breaks.  Jin takes the child and is about to removing the cloth over baby.  Rubina prevents him from doing so.  Jin asks her why?  Rubina tells that this is Ayana and Jin’s child and if he picks up clothes before the sun falls on him, he will lose his powers.  Then he does not remove the cloth because he does not want to lose power.  Black jin is about to go with the baby but roshni stop him.  Roshni says she kept her promise and so now Jin will have to liberate the soul of Aman. Jin frees Aman’s soul and leaves.

It is further revealed that Aman and Roshni’s cry was merely a play to fool Jin.  Aman reveals how he sent Ayana out of the place of Rishni so that Jin feels that they are only trying to save Roshni.  Aman tells how he took Ayana out and Roshni went to Ayana forest from behind.  Everybody laughs because they have made Jin fool.  Aman says but what if Jin finds out about his deception.  Rubina says that he will not know this till morning.  Dadi says that Aman should not worry right now but should be happy because Roshni must have given birth to the baby yet.

There, the black Jin realizes that he has been cheated and sends a storm to Roshni so that he can find Roshni from anywhere and make her ice.  When Roshni is returning from the forest, the storm created by Jin comes in front of her and transforms her into ice and send to the cave with her child.  There Ayana also turns into ice.  Aman suspects that Roshni is in trouble.  And Aman, Rehan and Shayari go to Ayana Corner.  Amana does not enter Amana Corner because he is Jin.  Aman informs Rehan that a Jin cannot enter the Ayana corner.  Shayari says that she is not Jin and she will go and find Roshni.  Rehan refuses and says that they should not believe Shayari.  But Aman says they have no other way.  Shayari goes inside and finds that Roshni is not there. She informs this to Rehan.  Rehan says that she must have hidden Roshni to fulfill her purpose.  Shayari says she is not that kind of a person.  And then they find that Aman is not there.

Both find starts searching  Aman.  Aman comes to a hill to find Roshni.  He calls Roshni but Jin comes there.  Jin comes there and tells Aman that he cheated on him and as a result he will no longer be able to meet Roshni.  Aman attacks on jin but he disappears.  Aman breaks down and Rehan takes him home.  Rubina gives Aman a juice from which he falls asleep.  Rehan says that Aman fell asleep but did not get any rest.  Dadi asks about Roshni.  Rehan says that now they should give up hope of her coming.  Episode end.

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