Shaadi Mubarak 31th August : Tarun kicks Preeti out of the house

In the beginning of the episode, Preeti faints in KT’s arm. KT gets worried and starts going out to call someone and then Rati and Tarun come there and get worried seeing Preeti unconscious. Sumedh brings KT and Kusum’s photo there. Kusum says that the photo is good but she don’t like Preeti being with her in the photo. Sumedh says that her mother-in-law is good and she should befriend her. Kusum denies this and says that she can never befriend Preeti. Then Juhi’s phone comes to Tarun and she calls Sumedha to her mother’s house. Tarun leaves from there.

There KT informs Tarun and Rati that Preeti was going to commit suicide. Both are shocked. Juhi and Sumedha also reach there and are shocked to hear this. KT tells that yesterday he had bought a cupboard from Preeti and he had found a key in it and had come to return it and he found Preeti like so. Rati says that Preeti did a wonderful job by selling KT a wardrobe. Then KT goes from there.

Juhi asks what happened that Preeti did this. Tarun starts angrily stating that Preeti did this drama only because he sold the Bundi house. Hearing this, Juhi gets shocked and scolds him for selling Preeti’s home. That’s when Preeti comes in her senses. Tarun ask her why she played this drama. Tarun ask is she did this only because the Bundi house was sold. Preeti says no. Tarun says then is it because of the stolen accusation. Juhi asks what is this stolen issue. Tarun tells her all in anger. Juhi and Sumedha get shocked. Tarun angrily tells Preeti to leave the house. Rati stops him. Rati thinks if Tarun fired Preeti, who would do the housework. But Tarun does not listen to her.

Tarun says that Preeti’s drama will not go here and if she has to do all this then she can leave the house. Juhi tells Preeti to come with her. Juhi says that Preeti also has a daughter who can take care of her. Tarun says that he will also see how long Juhi can keep her in her in-laws’ house. They leave from there. Rati says that Tarun did wrong by doing this, they does not even have a maid and who will do the housework from tomorrow. Further, Juhi and Sumedh bring Preeti to their house. Kusum gets shocked seeing Preeti with Sumedh and Juhi.

Precap: Preeti says she cannot stay in Juhi’s in-laws for long.

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