Shakti 31th Aug : Virat and Jharana’s wedding date fixed

At the beginning of the episode, Jharana comes in a rage and throws the flower which she is going to give to Virat. Sant and Parmeet scold Virat for hurting Jharana like this. Virat apologizes to Jharana and says that he will bring the ring now. Jharana says she will accept Virat’s apology only when Virat decides the date of their marriage. Virat agrees to this and leaves from there to get the ring. The family members of Virat are happy, except Gurminder.

There Heer comes to her house and demands to drink the ginger tea because she missed it a lot. Ravi says that she will make tea for Heer. Heer thinks when Virat comes to pick up the ring and waits for him. There Shano asks Soham why he didn’t kill Heer. Shano says that Soham is of no use and only knows how to shed tears. Shano says when people will know that Soham is brother of a eunuch, then people will spit on him. Soham gets angry and says that next time he will kill her as soon as he gets a chance. Shano says Kareena can help him this time, she is Soumya’s enemy. Soham leaves from there.

Virat comes to Heer’s house. Rohan is about to say something but Heer stops him. Heer says that Virat has come to get his ring and she will hand it to him with her own hands. Virat goes ti Heer and takes the ring. Virat says that the date of his marriage is going to be decided today, so he ends this drama from here. Heer is surprised to hear this . Virat escapes from there. Soham wants to know that why Virat starts hating Heer, is he knows that Heer is a eunuch? Soham goes after Virat to know this and he stop him and asks about it. But Virat does not reply. When Virat does not answer, Soham gets angry and starts fighting with him. Virat says he can do whatever he wants, but he won’t tell why he left Heer. Virat leaves from there.

Virat further learns that he is going to marry Jharana after 21 days and Heer got to know that her exam is coming after 21 days. Both start preparing for their important days to forget each other. Episode end.

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