Barrister babu 31th Aug : Bondita is confused

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan asks Bondita to choose between a bunch of books and keys.  Trilochan says that if she chooses the book, she will beaten by the master’s stick and if she chooses the keys, she will become the mistress of the house and eat rasgule.  After listening the name of rasgula, Bondita’s mouth gets watery.  Trilochan says that he is aware of what the weakness of Bondita is and therefore he kept such options so that Bondita chooses to become a skilled housewife.

There, Anirudh and Mini are chatting.  Mini apologizes to Anirudh on her father’s side and asks why he scolds Bondita.  Mini says that Bondita’s heart was very sad to hear his scolding and she went crying.  Anirudh says that he also feels bad about this.  Anirudh then tells Mini about Masterji that he beat her.  Mini says Master ji is not like this, he loves children very much and he can never beat them.  Mini says that she too has got education from Master ji and she is sure that Master ji is not such a person.  Anirudh says he will find the truth soon.

There Bondita thinks what she should choose the keys or the books.  Bondita pretends to be the boss in front of Bihari and orders Bihari in many ways.  There, Anirudh tells Mini that he wants Bondita to read like Mini and try to improve the society.  Anirudh says that the reasoning power of Bondita is amazing and she can also become a barrister.  Mini is jealous of Bondita and decides to not let Bondita study at any cost.

Sampoorna and Saurav are searching the book.  Sampoorna sees that book near at Munshi.  Duo Together  form a plan.  Sampoorna takes water for Munshi and plays as if she has seen a mouse.  Sourav also participates in this drama with her and he tells them to go out.  Surmani is suspicious and sees Sampoorna taking a book.  Surmani deliberately pushes Sampoorna and the book falls from her hand.  Everyone gets angry seeing those pictures in the book.  And Munshi scolds Sourav for this.  Episode end.


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