Shakti 1st Sep : Soham took a staggering step

At the beginning of the episode, Parmeet gives her bracelet to Jharana and says that she is her daughter-in-law from now on. Jharana hugs Virat and says that she is very happy. Gurminder notices an injury on Virat’s hand and asks how he got hurt. Virat says that he also don’t know as he wants to hide his and soham’s fight. Then Jharana leaves with his father. In the morning, Virat informs the college students that he and Jharana are going to get married after 21 days. Everyone is happy but Nutan and other eunuchs get surprised. Nutan says that Virat’s true love is Heer and she will have to do something within 21 days to bring them closer.

There Rohan is telling Heer a way to solve some questions, but Heer says she has already solved it. Rohan is impressed by that. Harak Preeto and Chacha are also happy to see Heer. Preeto says that according to this, Heer’s job is confirmed. Harak says that he will celebrate once she gets a job. Preeto says and then they have to tell Heer her truth as well. Preeto gets worried wondering what will happen when she comes to know her truth. Harak says all will be well and tells her not to make her heart heavy.

Heer further asks Soham to feed her food. Soham refuses and walks away. Heer says how can Soham do this, she will teach him a lesson. Rohan stops her and says he will feed. Soham asks Shano about Kareena’s address Shano gives him.

Next Virat give some balloons to children and plays with them. Nutan comes there and tells him that one of them is a eunuch. Virat gets angry and then mistreats the girl who is eunuch. Nutan says that when Virat did not know that the girl is a eunuch, he was playing with her well and now got very angry. Nutan says that such hatred for eunuchs is not good because in the end they too are human being. And asks Virat to consider it.

There, Soham goes to Kareena’s house. He shows Kareena a picture of Heer and tells her that she is also a Kinnar. He tells her to take Heer with them. Kareena asks who is he? Soham tells that he belongs to the family of Harak. Kareena is angry to hear this and she tells him to leave. Kareena make leave Soham her house, but the feeling of revenge awakens in her mind. Episode ended.

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