Barrister babu 1st Sep : Bondita falls into Trilochan’s web

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan praises Bondita and says that Bondita will soon become a good daughter-in-law.  Trilochan then provokes Bondita against Anirudh, saying that Anirudh does not believe in Bondita at all and he is deeply hurt by this.  Bondita says that she too is saddened by it and will ask Anirudh why she did not believe him.  Trilochan then goes from there.

Anirudh says goodbye to Mini and says that now he is going home.  He asks Mini to take care of her.  Then he starts going from there but Shivraj stops him and blames him for Mini’s condition, saying that all this is happening only because of Anirudh.  Anirudh is shocked to hear this.

There, Bondita waits for Anirudh to come and says that she will ask Anirudh why he does not trust her.  There, Shivraj says that Mini’s dream was to marry Anirudh, which Anirudh broke by marrying Bondita.  Shivraj says that despite this, Mini cares for him and Bondita.  Mini smiles upon hearing their talk and signals her father to continue the play.  Shivraj says that he is folding his hands and saying that he should take responsibility of Mini or else Mini will break.  Anirudh tells him not to behave like this.  Then Mini arrives and tells Anirudh that he has not left yet.  She gives a diary to Anirudh and says this is for Bondita from her side.  Anirudh says Mini still worries about Bondita and it makes him more sad.

Bondita is praying for Mini.  Bihari comes there and says Mini is all right and Anirudh is also arrives at home.  Bondita says that she wants to meet Anirudh.  Bihari stops her and says that Anirudh is still upset and she should talk later.  Bondita says no, she want to have word with Anirudh.  Bondita goes to Anirudh and asks him the reason for his mistrust.  Anirudh says he trust her it just that he wants to know the whole truth which he will find out soon.

Sampoorna wants to compress Saurav’s wounds but he refuses and says he has received these wounds only because of her.  Sampoorna apologizes to him.  But Sourav does not want to talk to her.  There Surmani informs Sampoorna’s family that Sampoorna is pregnant.  Episode end.

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