Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 1st Sep : Aman feels Roshni

At the beginning of the episode, Aman is asleep in a sad state and remembers how he got away from Roshni and will never be able to meet his child and Roshni.  Aman only keeps looking at the walls and neither sleeps nor eats anything.  Everyone is upset to see him like this.  Shayari is creating the shield  for house.  And Rehan asks Shayari to leave from here to which Shayari say no and say she is just trying to help them. But he forces Shayri to leave, he grab her hand and drag her away from the house.  But Rubina stops him and says that Shayari is only helping them.  Rehan says but he cannot trust Shayari.  Rubina says but he can trust her.  And she can say with experience that Shayari is not what he thinks.  Rehan leaves after listening to her.

There Shayari, grandmother and Roshni’s mother are talking.  Grandma says it has been 1 week and Aman is not awakes yet. While Roshni’s mother says that she feels Roshni is still alive.  There some birds taking care of Roshni’s child.  Aman comes to his senses and sees that there is snow and roses in the room.  He tells Grandma and Rehan this.  Grandma is happy to see him in his senses.  Aman then tells them that Roshni is giving him some signal.  They came into the room with him but now there is nothing in the room.  Rehan says that he has regained consciousness after 1 week, so he sees things.  Next, Shayari talks to someone on the phone and ask him to meet her.  She then leaves the house And Rehan also leaves the house after her.

Aman says that how can he saw things only when he sees a rose petal and Roshni is there too but Aman cannot see her but can feel her. Roshni signals to Aman that she is there and Aman understands her signs. He calls everyone and says Roshni is alive and needs him. Nobody believes him. Roshni forms a figure in the pool water to convince them that she is here and Roshni tells Aman and family that she is in Gunj cave and Aman decides to save her.

Precap: Aman realizes that Roshni has become ice.

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