Anupamma 1st Sep : Kavya feels guilty

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama scolds Pakhi. Anupama apologizes to Kavya for Pakhi’s rudeness. Anupama says that Pakhi does not know that not everyone is not reliable like Kavya. Kavya is shocked to hear this and feels guilty. Anupama says that Dolly always says that her brother is so handsome and that the office girls will only see him. But Anupama says that she is not worried about the office because there is Kavya and she will handle everything. Other side there is a debate between Kinjal and Paritosh. Kinjal is angry with Paritosh because he is repeatedly forcing her to talk to her parents. Paritosh says that the relationship belongs to both of them, so both have to try. Kinjal says her mother is not listening to her and she cannot go against her. Kinjal says that they should end this relationship so that they can live happily at their home. Paritosh tells her not to say that. Paritosh says he loves her very much. Kinjal says if he loves her that much then do something. And she goes away saying this.

There Anupama asks Kavya to come in, then Samar comes and Anupama asks Samar where is Paritosh, he tells her that he is with Kinjal. Anupama tells Kavya that she is very worried because she is unable to understand the feelings of her children and she is not a good mother. Kavya says Anupama is very good and she did not see mother like her. Then Sanjay comes there and Kavya sees him and goes out saying that she has some work in her office.

Further, Kavya reaches the office, Vanraj apologizes to her that he left her alone. Kavya cries over Anupama’s words and says that she is cheating on a very nice woman. Kavya says that their relationship is not right and she asks Vanraj to end it. Vanraj says Anupama is his wife but Kavya is his love and he cannot live without her. Vanraj says that when Kavya is near him, he breathes and suffers with Anupama. Vanraj says he loves Kavya very much and cannot lose her. They embrace each other and Vanraj tells Kavya not to do it again.

Leela and Anupama have been discussing Paritosh. Leela says that Anupama needs to try a little more. Then Samar comes there and informs them that he is unable to find Paritosh. They call Kinjal, Anupama asks her that Paritosh was with her then where did he go now. Kinjal tells that there was a fight between them and she does not know where Paritosh went after that. Leela scolds Kinjal for quarreling with Paritosh. Anupama pacifies her. Samar informs this news to Vanraj. Vanraj leaves from office. All the family members get worried. While Kinjal is also very upset and crying. Episode end.

Precap: Paritosh curses Anupama and she slaps him.

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