Shaadi Mubarak 1st Sep : Preeti does not want to live in Juhi’s in-laws house

Kusum gets angry seeing Preeti And Sumedha asks Juhi to take Preeti inside. Kusum looks at Sumedha to get her answer and Sumedh tells Kusum everything. Priyanka says that she brought the wrong girl as daughter in law, so it happened. Kusum says she tried to warn Preeti but she did not listen. There Preeti tells Juhi that she cannot live in her in-laws.

There, KT remembers Preeti and her mother come to him and find a shot of injury and a earring near KT’s throat. She asks how this happened. He tells that it was probably happened when she fell into his arms. KT’s mother asks who fell into his arms. KT says she doesn’t need to think much and goes away.

Preeti discusses with Juhi that she cannot live with her in-laws. Juhi says that she cannot let her go anywhere because her mother is in trouble and she will not leave her alone. Juhi says that she can live here with the same right as living in Tarun’s house. Preeti is unhappy with this. Juhi says if she was in such trouble then Preeti would have left her alone? Then how could she leave. Preeti tells her not to say so and says that she should never see such a day and she only gets happiness. Juhi says when she is so worried thinking about her suffering then how Juhi will not be worried about her mother’s suffering. Juhi tells her to stay here with all her rights. Then Juhi says she should eat something.

Sumedh tries to arrange a room for Preeti but Kusum refuses to share her room and asks Priyanka to give her room. Priyanka gets angry and she goes to vacate her room. Juhi and Preeti are surprised to see this. Further Sumedha controls Priyanka’s anger. On the other hand, KT is upset wondering what would have happened had Preeti taken such a big step.

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