Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2nd Sep : Aman brings the child and Roshni back home

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni makes Gunjati cave shape and Aman understands that Roshni is hanging here. Aman also knows that Roshni has become snow and that is why she can’t come here. Rubina says that only Jin can make Ayana ice. So it means that even Jin knows where Roshni is. There Jin reaches the cave. Aman tries to reach the cave through the Pitali door.

Kala Jin is carrying the child from the cave. Roshni tells Aman to do something quickly. Aman reaches inside the cave with the help of door. And when Jin is trying to bring child him, he stops him. And save his child from Jin. Aman sees his child and gets emotional. Aman embraces his child in his arms. Aman further notices Roshni’s ice statue and becomes sad. Aman tells Roshni that Roshni cannot give up and she cannot leave them. He pleads in front of Roshni to come back. Aman says if Roshni does not want to come for him, she should at least come for her child. Aman then notices that Roshni is suddenly changing from snow to humans. He is surprised to see this. Roshni recovers and hugs Aman.

Next Jin again deals with someone. And Roshni Aman comes to her house with her child. Everyone is happy to see them and plays with the child. Dadi says it is good that both of them return home safely. Aman’s sister says but if Jin has given Aman’s soul and the old deal is over, then why is he still behind the child. Rubina says that she also wants to know why this is so. She says maybe this child belongs to Ayana and Jin and is powerful. Rubina says that it is not because Jin himself is very powerful and does not need anyone else’s powers. Rubina says there is some other motive behind getting child.

Shayari says that she knows how she can find out the purpose of Jin. Shayari tells them about a tunnel that moves a day ahead of time and with that it is easy to find out what is going on in Jin’s mind. Aman and Roshni decide to go to the tunnel. Shayari warns them that they will have to return in 15 minutes or else they will trap there. Then Roshni and Aman reach the tunnel and Kala Jin comes in front of their house.

Precap: Black jin ask for Roshni and Aman’s child.

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