Shaadi Mubarak 2nd Sep : Kusum’s taunts hurt Preeti

In the beginning of the episode, KT is talking to her mother. He then calls Preeti and Rati picks up. KT asks her if Preeti is okay and he wants to talk to her. Rati says Preeti is fine and she just like to pretend so he doesn’t need to worry. KT fine Rati’s words strange and disconnects the phone. KT’s mother asks how she is doing. KT says her family is saying that she is fine but he don’t think so. Rati speaks to Tarun, he did wrong by taking Preeti out of the house and now who will do the house work. Tarun says that his mother will come back tomorrow only because Juhi’s mother will not let her stay in their house.

Sumedh asks Juhi to take Preeti to Pushkar and he will take care of Kusum. Kusum overhears their words and thinks of teaching them a lesson. Kusum’s behavior in the morning is strange towards Preeti. Juhi brings tea for Preeti and tells Preeti that they will go to Pushkar and Sumedh will talk to Kusum. Then Kusum pretends that her head is in pain and prevents them from going to Pushkar. But Kusum’s daughter says that she knows that she is pretending to be in a pain and Preeti listens and thinks why she is doing such a drama.

Preeti gives lemon water to Kusum. Kusum sees her sari and taunts her that this sari is her daughter-in-law. Then she gets Preeti to do strange things to harass her. Preeti thinks she cannot stay here because Kusum does not like her and hence she is behaving like this. Kusum then asks her to cook and Preeti goes to the kitchen to cook. KT’s mother and aunt are discussing his wedding proposal. His mother says that only if KT shows interest in the girl, she will take it forward. That’s when KT comes there and asks what they are talking about. Her mother speaks out that her friend’s daughter is a fan and wants to meet him. There, Preeti prepares food and Kusum and they sit down to eat. Kusum taunts Preeti to stay at her daughter’s house.

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