Shakti 2nd Sep : Soham and Kareena’s wicked plan

The episode starts with Soham and Kareena plot against Heer and Kareena explains something to Soham. Soham understands Kareena’s point and Kareena takes Heer’s photo and slams her to the ground and rubs her feet. There Heer walks as the doctor says but gets tired in a short time. Rohan is also with her and says that if she walks a little longer, he will give her surprise. Heer wants a surprise so she walks.

Nutan tells Virat that it is wrong to hate eunuchs. Because they are also like them. Virat says that like no day can be called night. Women cannot be called men. The eunuch and the rest cannot be the same. Virat says that Nutan considers herself very intelligent but in reality is not. He tells Nutan not to follow him and tells her to stay away from him and leaves.

Heer takes more step on Rohan’s suggestion and then asks for a surprise from him, Rohan first says which surprise, but when Heer gets angry then he goes to get ice cream for her. Soham is coming from Kareena’s house and sees that Heer is alone. He thinks this is a good chance to take Heer to Kareena, but then Virat comes. Virat goes to Heer and tells Nutan to stay away from him. Heer says why he keeps coming to her again and again. Virat says that he has only come to tell her that she should keep Nutan away from him. And a fight between the two begins. Heer says that Virat needs to meditate because he become angry very soon. Virat says he does not need her advice because she does not have brains. Heer says she does not have a mind but a heart that Virat does not have.

Rohan reaches there with ice cream. Heer asks him to give one to Virat because his mind temperature is very high. Virat refuses to take. Rohan says that he can eat ice cream to celebrate his marriage m. Virat agrees to tease Heer and then starts leaving. Rohan asks Heer why Virat came here. Heer says that Virat is not special enough so don’t need to discuss him.

Soham thinks when Rohan will leave Heer alone. And he calls Shano and asks her to help him. Later Shano asks Rohan to bring gram flour from the market. Soham goes to the market and Soham comes to Heer. Soham takes Heer in his jeep and takes her somewhere. And after some time he stops the car. Heer asks what happened. Soham says maybe the car broke down. He leaves and the eunuch comes there. Episode end.

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