Barrister babu 2nd Sep : Trilochan’s words hurts Bondita

At the beginning of the episode Bondita says whether there is no value for the truth without any proof. And if it does not, then it is an injustice to her. Anirudh says he is a barrister and will not allow injustice to anyone but it is his duty to take care of both sides. Anirudh is speaking something else but Bondita falls asleep. Anirudh says by talking to Bondita, he finds out what he has to do. He then calls Mini and apologizes to her and decides to share his time with her. Mini is happy to hear this. Anirudh then disconnect the phone. Mini thinks very soon she will take all the time of Anirudh.

In the morning Bondita prays to God that whenever Master ji comes to teach him, Anirudh should be there because she is afraid of Master ji. Trilochan asks Bondita to do the kitchen work. Bihari tells Bondita how the household member likes to drink different type of tea. Bondita says, but why does everyone drink different tea and says that it is a waste of money. Trilochan says that they are Roy Choudhary and we have are own tantrums. Bondita says but she does not have it. Trilochan says because she is a woman. Bondita finds this thing bad. Bihari consoles her and asks her to make tea.

Sampoorna’s parents come to meet her and Surmani informs them about Sampoorna’s pregnancy and says that now they does not need to give dowry. They are happy. Sampoorna’s mother wants to talk to her and asks Surmani’s permission for this. Surmani allows. There, Bondita prepares everyone’s tea. Then Bondita sees that Anirudh is talking to someone and she goes to him. Anirudh is telling someone on the phone that he will reach there soon. Bondita gets upset after hearing this. Bondita thinks that when the master comes, Anirudh will not be there. And gets worried. Episode end.

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