Shaadi Mubarak 3rd Sep : KT rejects Chanda and Chanda insult him for that

In the beginning of the episode, Preeti and Kusum are eating but Kusum taunts her by telling her how one can enjoy food at her daughter’s house. Preeti is unable to bear the insult and stands up. Kusum asks what happened is she ashamed? Kusum says If this is so, then she should die drowning. Preeti is hurt by her words and starts going from there. Kusum stops her saying why she feels it is a sin to stay in the daughter’s house. Kusum says that her mother discriminated between her and her brother throughout her life, but she gave equal status to her children. And she should do the same and stay at her daughter’s house with as much right as she lived in her son’s house. Kusum talks touched Preeti’s heart and she hugs her.

At KT’s house, his mother introduces KT to Chanda and asks him to show his room. KT takes her. She sees Almari lying in KT’s room and says it’s so unfit in the room. KT tells her that he liked this wardrobe in one go and he tried very hard to buy it. Chanda ignores all these things and starts talking to him about marriage. At first, KT becomes fermented but then he refuses to marry and starts leaving. Chanda is unable to handle KT rejection and she stops him. She asks KT what he thinks of himself. And how dare he say no to her. KT’s housemates are shocked to hear this.

Chanda says that he is a failed husband whose wife left him after 2 years of his marriage and is an unsuccessful actor who did not have any film from past 20-year. Chanda says that he is growing on his father and uncle’s money but still is so egoistic. She says he has no right to reject him. KT’s father and uncle get angry at Chanda and ask her to keep quiet. But Chanda continues to speak nonetheless and constantly taunts KT. After listening to her words he very hurt deeply and his eyes gets watery. KT’s mother is unable to bear his insults and slaps Chanda and introduced her as a small mind person.

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