Barrister babu 3rd Sep : Anirudh and Bondita promise to each other

Episode starts with Bondita asks Anirudh whether he is going anywhere. He says yes. Bondita says that but Anirudh had said that when the master comes, he will not go anywhere. Anirudh says but he has more responsibilities. Bondita asks if he has any valuable responsibility other than his wife. Anirudh says that he also has Mini’s responsibility on his shoulders and Mini is still in need. Bondita understands Anirudh’s point and asks him to give the idol of Durga Maa to Mini. Bondita says that just as Durga Maa solved all her problems, she will also help Mini. Bondita tells Anirudh to reach there early so that he does not get late.

Bondita thinks what will happen if Anirudh is late in coming and the Master comes before him. Bondita gets nervous. But Anirudh assures her that he will return soon and this is his promise to her. Anirudh also takes a promise from Bondita that even if he is late, she should study like a good student and sit with Master. Bondita promises him that no matter what happens, she will not go anywhere and will only sit next to Master. Anirudh then goes away saying that he will return soon.

Anirudh comes to Mini and asks her to go to the doctor. Mini says she will not go because if she goes, she will become the spectacle of her illness and everyone will talk behind her back. Anirudh says nothing will happen because he will take her to Kolkata’s doctor, so that no one will know that she has come to meet the doctor. Mini says that if she goes to the doctor, then everyone will know her lies. Butuk brings a dog to the house, seeing that Trilochan gets angry and he scolds Batuk. Bondita laughs at Batuk and he does not like it at all. Mini says but Bondita’s Master-ji is about to come so Anirudh should be with her. Anirudh says they will come before Master ji’s arrival. Mini thinks that she has fallen into her own trap. Trilochan refuses to give breakfast to Batuk as a punishment.

Sampoorna tells her mother how Sourav feels that she is not pregnant. Her mother first get confused, but then she understands whole problem and tell this to her. Sampoorna comes to know that she is not going to become a mother and Surmani also goes ahead for her plan. Further, Bondita assures Batuk that she will give him her share of breakfast. Episode end.

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