Shakti 3nd Sep : Preeto and Malika suspect Soham

The episode starta with Soham leave Heer alone on the road , Kinnar comes there and Heer offers to give them money. But they refuse to take the money. Heer says do you guys want to scare me. She says if that is the case then there is no use because she is not afraid of them and hugs Kareena. Kareena becomes emotional for once. Kareena tells her that for the first time someone has given them so much respect and love and says that they want to eat ice cream rather than money. And they take her to the ice cream cream shop.

There Preeto feels that something is wrong with Heer and she goes to Harak and asks him to find Heer. Shano enjoys her condition and says that soon there will be a notice of Heer’s disappearance. Harak consoles Preeto, saying that Heer is with Rohan and will come in a while. Then Rohan comes there and Preeto asks him about Heer. Rohan says that he thought Heer has come home because she did not see him outside. Everyone gets worried and sets out to find Heer.

Heer notices the expensive jewelry on ice cream woman and realizes that something is wrong. She tries to escape from there but Kinnar catches her. Then Malika comes there fortunately and by throwing color in the eyes of the eunuchs, they run away. While Hark and Preeto are searching for Heer and they collide. Preeto is relieved to see Heer and she asks her how she came here. Heer explains with Soham. Preeto and Malika suspect Soham. And when Soham comes home, Preeto slaps him to leave Heer alone on the way.

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