Yeh Hain Chahtein 4th Sep : Shocking trick of Yuvraj

At the beginning of the episode, Prisha gives Rudraksha a medicine and says that by applying it, he will get relief soon. Rudraksha asks her to apply and thinks why he is not able to distance Prisha from himself. Prisha also thinks the same. Both share sweet moments. Then Sharansh comes there and hugs Rudraksha and says that he is very happy. And Rudraksha today elevated his name in front of his friends.

Prisha says then they will party tomorrow. And then she goes to get milk with turmeric for Rudraksha. She finds Sharda in the kitchen and she asks her about Rudraksha. Prisha says he is fine now.

While she is taking milk, Ahana comes there and tells the story of Gupta, which resembles Prisha and Saransh. Prisha is shocked to hear her and the glass falls from her hand. Ahana is happy to see her condition and says that she will now know the secret of Prisha.

There Yuvraj sends a boy named Girish to him to take revenge on Gopal. Girish plays in front of Gopal and Gopal feels pity for him and takes him with him. Girish tells this thing to Yuvraj and Yuvraj says that now his revenge will be complete.

Saransh, Prasha, and Rudraksha are having breakfast. Only then Rahul send a message to Prisha that if she reveals the secret of Rudraksha then her job will be saved. Prisha says she cares about her family more than her job, so she will never do it. Then Sharda brings Tiffin for her so that she can eat the food at the hospital. Prisha refuses but Rudraksha insists on taking it. Prisha does not want to tell the truth to anyone so she takes it.

Gopal brings Girish home. Vasudha takes him to the corner and says that they cannot believe a stranger. Girish tells this thing to Yuvraj. Yuvraj says he will come and manage. Prisha sits in a cafe as she cannot go to the hospital.

When Vasudha and Gopal return, Girish is not there and some money is also missing. Girish thinks how he can make a mistake in identifying someone. Other side Rudraksha helps Saransh to create a family tree. Episode ended.

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