Anupamma 4th Sep : Anupama teaches Paritosh how to live life properly

In the beginning of the episode, Vanraj wants to talk to Paritosh but Anupama stops him and shows him the sleeping pills which she finds from Paritosh’s pocket.  Vanraj is stunned after seeing this and says that he has failed to become a good parent.

Kavya is in the bathroom and is thinking about Vanraj.  Then Anirudh comes there. Kavya taunts him for coming without knocking on the door.  Anirudh says he only came to take the brush.

Then he makes Kavya remember their old moments and Kavya says that if he had paid attention to her earlier, today their relationship would not be on the verge of breaking up.  Anirudh says that even though he failed to take care, he was honest to her.

Anirudh says that the girl who used to come first in every filled,  how she became the second woman.  Kavya does not say anything.  Anirudh says that he is not happy to see Kavya becoming another woman and he will not let the relationship of both of them break and he will never ever leave Kavya. Kavya is shocked to hear this.

Vanraj and the other family members are worried about Paritosh.  But Anupama says that she will talk to Paritosh.  And tells Leela that Paritosh will listen to her and will understand her point, so she doesn’t need worry.  Vanraj says no one will listen to her because she is a failed person.  Vanraj says but still if she wants to fix something, then he is giving her one day to fix everything.  Anupama agrees.

In the morning, Paritosh wakes up from sleep and his head hurts due to drinking too much alcohol.  Anupama brings lemon water to him so that his pain is reduced.  Paritosh feels guilt seeing Anupama because what he did last night was wrong.  He apologizes to her and she forgives him.  Further Anupama teaches him the lesson of living life in the right way and asks never to give up.  Episode end.

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