Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th Sep : Naira warns Aditya

In the beginning of the episode, Naira meets Gayu and asks her about the family. Gayu says everything is fine and she has come to her maternal home, so she should resting in the place of worry. Naira says she is trying but it is not easy.

Kirti gets a call from Aditya and he asks her to meet him. But Kirti refuses and Aditya threatens her that he will come to her house if she does not meet him. Chori then comes there and asks her to walk the park with Naksh, Gayu and Naira. Aditya overhears this and decides that he too will come to the park.

Everyone comes to the park and has fun. Chori asks for corn and Naira takes her to get it and sees that Karthik is there too. She goes after him and finds that it is someone else, not Karthik.

Naksh brings coconut water to Kirti and Kirti notices Aditya and gets scared. Naira also notices Aditya and drags him away. Naira warns him that if he harasses her brother and sister-in-law, she will destroy him. Aditya says that nothing will happen to threaten him because her sister-in-law is hiding a secret.

Naira asks which secret . Aditya is about to tell her but Kirti comes there and tells him to shut up. Naira asks that she wants to know what is the matter on which he is bothering her so much. Kirti says it is a matter of business. Aditya laughs at this. But Kirti takes Naira saying that Naksh will be worried, so they should leave from here.

Naira finds everything strange, then they come home. Naira thinks that it is not about business but something else that is bothering Kirti. Naira thinks about finding it. There Kirti thinks that Naksh should not suffer because of her mistake. Episode end.

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