Shaadi Mubarak 4th Sep : Kusum’s befitting reply to Rati and Tarun

The episode starts with KT’s mother says that Chanda insulted him so much yet KT kept quiet and that is his rites. And she is proud of her son and asks her to leave her house. Chanda goes away from there in anger. KT standstill and his family tries to console him but he leaves without saying anything.

Kusum arrives at Rati and Tarun’s house. Tarun tells Kusum that he can understand that his mother has created a problem by coming to her house. He says that his mother left her son’s house due to her infidelity and went to her daughter’s house and says that she should have tolerated a little but her tantrums are very high. Rati sheds false tears and says that Preeti should come here and because she leaves home all glory of the house also gone away. Kusum says that she can understand that the glory of her and house have gone because now who will do the housework. Kusum says that she has come here not to complain about Preeti but to get her goods and says that she is living in her daughter’s house with great respect. Rati and Tarun are shocked. Kusum says and if they want to bring back the house light then they should hire a maid. Because we never treat our mother in law as a maid.

Juhi comes home Preeti smiles and opens the door. She asks Preeti how was her day, she tells very good. Juhi is happy to see Preeti’s smile and Sumedha asks about her mother. Kusum brings Preeti’s baggage and laddu Gopal and tells them that she has to give Rati and Tarun a good lesson. Juhi says she is blessed to have such a mother-in-law and mother.

At night, KT is sitting alone on a bench and remembers how his ex-wife left him and his children, saying she doesn’t love him and wants to be with her boyfriend. KT then remembers the bitter things about Chanda and her eyes get water. Preeti is passing by there as she went to the orphanage to give them some ladoo and notices a man sitting on a bench. Preeti realizes that the person in front is desperate and also gives him a ladoo box with a note. KT notices Ladoo and note. A poem is written in the note which removes his frustration and KT eats that sweet.

Preeti returns home and sees that Kusum is sitting with the cards. Preeti asks her if she wants to play. Kusum tells her about her and her husband’s card memories. She tells whenever she misses her husband she takes it out and suffel it. She then tells Preeti to suffel the cards as she wants to play with her. Episode end.

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