Shakti 4th Sep : Preeto threatens Shano

The episode starts with Kareena is calling Soham but, when he did not pick up her call she wondered what happened that he is not picking up her phone.  There Heer and Preeto discuss about Soumya.  Heer asks Preeto how can someone become Soumya’s enemy.  Preeto tells her that Soumya was a eunuch but despite this she loved Harman and that is why people became her enemy.  Heer says that if this is the case then Soumya’s enemies will also be her enemies.

Further, Shano is doing some work in the kitchen.  Preeto comes there and strangles her and asks who gave Heer information to Kareena.  Shano says who is Kareena?  Preeto says she knows well who Kareena is still doing the play.  Shano says she has not given any information to anyone.  Shano tells her that they can’t doubt her in every single matter.  Preeto says she is leaving her for now but, if she finds out that she is behind the conspiracy to kidnap Heer, she will destroy her and she leaves.  Soham sees all this and thinks to send Heer to Kareena as soon as possible.

Soham goes to Kareena and asks her why the work was not done.  Before Kareena can say something Soham starts taunting her.  Kareena says that he cannot talk with her in this tone.  And if he cannot speak properly, then she will not do any of his work.  Soham apologizes for his behavior and tells her to take Heer from his house as soon as possible.  Kareena agrees.

Nutan listens to Soham and tells Soham that she will call Preeto and inform her.  Soham says that she can do this if she wants to.  But if she calls, he will tell the whole world that Heer is a eunuch.  Nutan tells him not to do so and says she won’t say anything to Preeto.  Soham leaves from there.  Nutan thinks she must do something to protect Heer.

Nutan calls Virat and calls him for Heer’s help and says her life is in danger.  Virat says that whether Heer is killed or lived he does not mind and disconnect the phone.  But then later Virat reaches the place where Nutan called him.  There he sees a girl’s father driving the girl out of the house because she is a eunuch.  The girl cries a lot and begs for mercy but he does not listen to her.  That’s when Nutan tells Virat what if Heer now knows that she is a eunuch.  Virat says he will not let this happen, he will not let anyone know that Heer is a eunuch. Episode end.

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