Barrister babu 4th Sep : Mini’s play succeeded

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita asks Bihari why Trilochan has a problem with the puppy. Bihari tells her that Triloch doesn’t like dogs. Bondita says but he is very cute and she can play with him all day. Bihari says he will talk later, he has to go to help Batuk now. There, Anirudh pressures Mini to go to the doctor and Mini has to go.

At the same time, Trilochan also calls Bondita and gives her the task of munching chilies. Bodita finds this task very difficult but Trilochan says that through this Mirchi she will make mango pickle which she likes very much. Bondita’s mouth gets watery. Trilochan then asks her what she wants a book or keys.

Bondita says that she needs the keys but she has promised Anirudh that she will attend today’s class. Trilochan says as she wishes and asks her to finish this task soon.

Binoy and Shivraj are worried that everything will go wrong when Anirudh comes to know that Mini is pretending to be sick. Shivraj says Mini will handle everything. Binoy says this will be good or else Anirudh will hate Mini.

Puppy comes to Bondita but Bondita says that he cannot live here without Trilochan’s wish. Anirudh reaches the hospital with Mini and asks her to see the doctor.

Mini says her lie will be caught. But later she plays in front of the doctor and the doctor tells this to Anirudh. The doctor says that Mini is mentally patient and needs to be kept happy.

Bondita sees an injury on the puppy’s leg and applies turmeric to it so that his wound heals quickly. Bondita feeds him and names him Bow. She sets him in a basket and puts it on the outpost outside the house. Hearing about Mini’s condition, Anirudh feels very bad. The doctor says that if he gives his time to Mini and gives her love, then she will be fine. Mini thinks her play was successful.

There Bondita is waiting for Anirudh sitting near to bow and tells him that Anirudh will sit with her today while studying. But it would be good if Anirudh comes before Master ji comes. But then the Master comes and Bondita gets nervous. Episode end.

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